From HoloLens With Love

From HoloLens With Love
Microsoft HoloLens For Windows
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I just turned the key in left direction of my recently purchased apartment.
And the hollow view of my empty apartment was in front of me. Luckily Riya, my close friend was with me.

She is a bubbly techno savvy Interior Designer with quest for experimentation.She keeps trying new methodologies to make her job exciting and easy.Now a days , she is always with a new bulky helmet like device which she calls her as assistant.

“Hey Riya, what’s up? Did I make right decision investing all most all savings in this? ” I made a scary face on her.

“I am not investment guru to advice on this.” She chucked. “But I know you have shoe-string budget for interiors.” She gave me looks.

“You see. In most designing projects people get disillusioned. Once ideas solidify into realty , people start seeing greener grass somewhere else.” “Oh  really.” I was surprised.

“People have their own gestalts. Perceptions mixed with emotions are difficult to handle in our profession.” Her eyes widened. “Indeed you are in a tough profession. But all creative professions are tough.” I reacted.

“There are endless possibilities of ideas, I am talking about. Dealing with varying taste of people takes toll on me.” She fired.

“Yes. Everybody has it’s own gestalt. It is nothing, but the way of looking at things.” I simplified it. “Is this new device which you carry as assistant made your life simple? ” I bluntly asked.

“Very much.” Riya giggled. “How?” I became excited.

I know your taste in colors,fabrics and materials. She just started. Even I know what kind of furniture you like? After all , I am one of your closest buddies. I know which light makes you ecstatic and happy. And which does make you gloomy? You like plain smooth textures with bright colors. Needless to say you have eyes for curves. You swear by the rule that simplicity is the ultimate beauty.You are lover of plants and in-house gardens specially with flowers like Tulips and Jasmine. You also like African Violet and Golden Pothos. Aquariums with Gold fish in scuba diving kind of environment makes you nuts.You like electronics with sleek design black borders.

I started laughing and she continued. “You can not leave bed without sunlight and cappuccino coffee.”

“You know quite intimate stuff. Does your so called assistant knows me so intimately?” I asked.

“Yeah. I have trained it. Kind of.” She giggled. “I have fed it with 3D wire frame drawing of your apartment which I got from architect.”

“Take this headset and wear it.”, She gave me a bulky helmet like device. “What is it ?”

“It is HoloLens created by Microsoft. The assistant resides in it.” She explained.

“You like to sleep in jockey in large size bed with fully covered blanket.”

The very next moment, my eyes were covered with the headset and I was able to see only green lines in my apartment. They were imposed on the apartment representing wall,ceiling and window boundaries.

“I am able to see you. Plus these green lines.” I exclaimed. “Do you see the same?”

“Nope. I am not wearing it.” She said.

“So what next?” I asked. “Let us complete your task of interiors. Are you able to see ATM like Kiosk in front of you ?” She questioned.

“Oh yes. From where did it come in my apartment ? It was not there.” I shouted.

“Relax.That is my assistant. It is inside the HoloLens and it is virtual 3D Model. This is called Mixed Reality.” She explained.

“Seeing those objects virtually which are not present in the real world.” Her explanation reminded me of Pokemon Go and my fanatic desire to catch those Pokemon s everywhere. I had experienced the game.

“My assistant is intelligent and easy to operate.” She said. “Just select your options by touching and tap with finger. You can rotate your head left,right, up and down to see the panoramic view. You can walk anywhere to see the result.You will find assistant always present here, if you come here.”

“Oh interesting. So how do I begin ?” I asked.

Let us start with flooring.She pointed on assistant and told me to select flooring option. I touched flooring and tapped. Wooden, marbles,carpets and there were many sub-options.I selected Italian marble and tapped. My apartment was covered with Italian marbles.The rough concrete texture just vanished.

“Wow. My jaws dropped.”, I jumped with ecstasy. “Hang on.” She prevented. ” Let us go with wall colors.”

I selected magenta color and tapped and instantly my apartment walls including ceilings were painted with magenta. “Hey, I want to feel the colors in light”. I shouted.

“Just select the light and color and tap.” She giggled. Immediately 3d Models of LED light fixtures popped up in front of me and I pushed them to ceilings. I re positioned them everywhere to distribute the intensity. I like white milky light.

“Can I place tattoos on my walls ?” I asked. “Oh yes.” She said.”There is whole range of stickers and artifacts available with the assistant. Go ahead and position as you wish.”

I placed superman and batman drawings on children bedroom and installed watches in every room. I positioned some fancy decorative items in every room.

“Does it contain 3D models of objects as per your programming? It has got vast number of designing items as 3D models.” I asked.

“Yes. It needs to be fed with 3D real life models of interior items. Alternatively, it can access a 3d Model library on internet.” She giggled. “So your creativity has no limit.”

“I have to go to each room to see result and come back here to assistant again and again.” I said.

“No need. Just first install LED TVs in your rooms as you are going to have everywhere in reality.” She said.
I selected and tapped and installed LED TV sets in each room. I started TV in dining room watched a news channel to check, if it is working. The sleek black border TV set mounted on wall was looking nice in each room.

“So how to carry assistant everywhere ? That was your problem.” She asked. “Just lift assistant with both hands and shove it into the TV set.” She giggled.

I did the same. Assistant vanished and it was visible on TV screen.

“Let us complete the decorating task one by one.” She said in a motivational tone. “Start by bedroom.”

We moved to bedroom. I touched assistant on the TV channel and selected bedroom options. Installed king size bed of teak wood,matching mattresses and curtains on the french windows. Selected some sundry furniture for bedroom from 3D models and completed it. Installed some plants of flowers as my favorites.

We quickly moved to rest room. Installed shower ,electric geyser and necessary hardware fittings. Took a bath in shower and saw the sprinkles of water.

We completed the task by installing modular kitchen set with chimney in the kitchen and sofa sets in dining hall. Installed a good looking aquarium having golden fish with blue lights. Checked burning of gas and smoke flow direction.

We came to dining hall and I tried to take seat on sofa. And I hit the concrete floor and the rough texture was in friction with my palm. She quickly laughed giving me helping hand to get up.

“Hey look. It is still unreal. We need to make it real by installing physical items what you have perceived and felt.”. She said. “Oh yes.Damn with your unreal world.” I said.

I quickly removed HoloLens from my head and hollow concrete walls and floors and ceilings were staring at me with their rough textures.

“Do not worry. Your. design and preferences have been saved on my website.” I will physically order all the items to make it real. She was ecstatic now.

I nodded and said that it is final.

“Can I access the same design again in future after it has become reality ?” I asked.

“Oh yes. You can.Whenever you want to experiment with furniture,colors,curtains,artifacts,flooring,plants and fishes and lights and with other stuff.” She giggled. “Change it in Unreal World from internet and let me know.” She said. “I will make it real.” She asserted.

We quickly left the apartment towards our car parking.

It is a story written to promote “Hololens For Interior Design”.

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