The smartphone is not enough


The smartphone is dying
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The smartphone is dying

Nothing actually dies in our universe as such. It only gets transformed from one form to another by known and unknown forces of revolution. A silent technological revolution is taking place in smartphone and other computer hardware. The smartphone in it’s current form will be virtually dead in next couple of years. It may happen in less than three years.
Smartphones will be replaced by Holographic Computing Devices or HoloPhone(s) having capacity to manipulate Holographic 3D Images in real-time. They will be available in the form of headsets or in the form of wearable eye devices projecting 3D images directly in front of viewer’s eyesight.
Some of the devices available in the market  are Microsoft HoloLensOculus Rift , Google Tango and Google Glass. It will make 360 degree shift in the way people are going to interact with the real world. We can term it as HoloPhone.

HoloPhone working with Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality features will change the very basics of computing and man-machine interaction. Touch and click interactions are going to be replaced by gesture and voice.  The concept of two dimensional touch screen monitors would cease to exist soon
and Holograms will become the standard method of displaying data and objects. It is also called as Holographic Projection.

What is Hologram and HoloPhone?

A Hologram is a 3D  realistic or fictional model  of objects of the world. It is projected in front of viewer’s eyes in 3D environment on Holographic Device. When projection is such that it is mixed with real world objects and scenes in the 3D world, it is termed as Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality.
If projection is created in such a way that background scenes or environment of projection is created by computer, it is called as Virtual Reality.
Data and information stored on cloud platforms and controlled by Government and Private Entities will make Holographic Projection of data as standard method of information display and data visualization.

The rise of HoloPorting or Telepresence

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The above changes in computing hardware and smartphone hardware will make Telepresence or HoloPorting a reality. We all have seen the movie Avatar where the hero virtually ports himself in the world and environment of “Na’vi” culture in order to mix with them. So that he can experience and feel their way of living.
Yes. HoloPorting or Telepresence will make human beings to live two lives, one with physical body, flash and blood and other with his/her Avatar form. A Holographic Avatar is 3D model of human form programmed with Artificial Intelligence(AI) rules and having differential logic algorithm and other demographic information to give basic interactivity with real world.
Users geographically separated having HoloPhone(s) will be able to communicate without changing
their present locations. Avatars coupled with voice, video and basic interactive intelligence and ability to access data and information on Internet will make Email, Voice calling and Messenger applications redundant in it’s present form. Avatars will be equipped with new kind of applications running on Holographic devices like HoloChat, HoloEmail and HoloCall.
A new kind of geographical mapping application may come into development termed as HoloMap. These applications will be equipped with Augmented Reality and Mixed reality features. While driving, users will be able to have their own personal milestones and driving directions marked in mixed world accessible through HoloPhone(s).
HoloPorting and Telepresence will make human life less travel oriented in physical form. Instead of our body travelling at distant locations, it will be wise sometimes to do HoloPorting and Telepresence. It will make life easy for people having physical limitations and disabilities.
Corporate people can travel in Avatar form without physical body movement. It will do lot of saving in travel expenditures for big organizations and hence increasing their bottom-line profit.
HoloSchool(s) will make learning universal without need to go to best schools and colleges located geographically far away. In HoloSchool(s), teachers and students will be able to meet, interact and learn virtually without day to day pain of travelling and living in hostels.

It will change E-commerce and E-tailing domain

HoloPorting will take E-commerce and E-tailing to next level by eliminating the limiting factor experienced  by on-line users. They can  experience the products/services completely while making the on-line purchase in HoloPhone environment. The driving force will be “Use Virtually, Before Buy” as Holographic interaction.

HoloShop(s) will project complete malls and shops to users in HoloPhone environment where they will be able to interact with the products/services in a limited way. E-tailing vendors selling white goods and apparels will have  a new way of giving demo and trials of their products/services to on-line customers. It will be far more real, interactive and informative without damaging the goods.

An Example:

Augmented Reality Enabled Shopify E-tailing and E-commerce platform

Holograms of products will change Media and Advertising business

The quality of content is the key factor in media and advertising industry.Advertising of the products/services will be more focused on creating content with Holograms of products/services. Holograms will be realistic up to an extent, accurate and informative. It will be capable of influencing the purchasing decision of consumer instantaneously.

Holograms of products will demo themselves in self-demo mode. All that is possible because of some basic intelligence programmed into Holograms and their capacity to interact in real-time with the real-world.

An Example:

Holograms in Advertising

What it means to IT people and developer community?

This community need to orient itself to think beyond 2D representation of data and information. Expertise in Machine-learning, Artificial Intelligence Algorithms, Data analytic and 3D Graphics Algorithms is the key to make all this possible in future. Also, these will be the hottest skills needed in near future.


A world mixed with real and unreal existence is soon coming in front of your eyes.

Key Concepts Explained

Holographic Device
A wearable headset or device capable of projecting 3D Holograms in front of viewer’s eyesight responding to gesture and voice commands.
Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality
A kind of virtual reality where 3D Holographic Information is merged with the real world information  to create a new mixed world
Virtual Reality
A kind of virtual reality where 3D Holographic Information is presented in it’s own virtual world without any connection to real world
A Holographic Device which will offer all features and functionalities of basic Smartphone using Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality technology
HoloPorting or Telepresence
A feature where Avatar or Holographic models of human and objects will be transmitted to another Holographic Device irrespective of geographical distances
An email created and distributed on the Holographic Device platform in the form of Hologram using
HoloPorting method
A shop available on Holographic Device platform having capacity of  HoloPorting and Telepresence
A meeting point of teachers and students in the form of their Avatars in HoloPhone environment for learning

( All trademarks and brands are acknowledged and they belong to respective companies. The terms HoloPorting, HoloPhone, HoloMail, HoloShop and HoloSchool  are the result of authors imagination. They may or may not be defined previously. It is duly acknowledged by author.)

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