Best responsive email template designs for wow customer experience

Responsive Email Template DesignsEmail marketing has been the top of the chart strategy when it comes to driving customers. Online businesses rely on email communication and building awareness in the target audience. Without the use of email marketing, it would be challenging to influence people. Thus, implementing an email marketing strategy is vital for every online business. Email marketing seems easy, but it needs proper planning. Most importantly, the selection of the responsive email template design in html plays a crucial role in the conversion.

Today, the majority of users prefer accessing their emails on smartphone devices. If you want to tap these users, you must have a mobile-friendly responsive email template design. Email that looks awful or opens in broken HTML files is ignored by your users instantly. You have only a few seconds to grab the attention of the users. A responsive email template design is a solution to your email marketing needs. We have listed the top 5 responsive email marketing template designs that would make your email fly without any hurdle and influence your users.

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Freshto Responsive Email Template Design

Feshto - Fashion Email Set

Feshto – Fashion Email Set comes with a responsive html template design. A minimal design puts the focus on the essential element. It is suitable for many purposes and comes with an easy-to-edit template. Change the images, text, and responsive template is ready to send to your customers. 

A template is optimised for all screen sizes and mobile devices. It quickly gets adapted to the new screen size whether the user is browsing the template from a mobile device or web browser. The downloadable package contains a PSD file with the HTML source code. Use the PSD to customise the design according to your need and implement the desired code to the HTML source file.

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Olivia Responsive Email Template Design

Olivia - E-commerce Responsive Email TemplateOlivia – E-commerce Responsive Email Template a responsive eCommerce email template. The package contains 13 modules designed ready to use.  Built with the trendy design concept, minimalist coding, and compatibility to all devices, mobile, and desktop, makes it the perfect email template for all kinds of needs.


  • Support for all kinds of email marketing tools.
  • Easy integration and customization are possible.
  • Minified version of the HTML and CSS files to reduce the code length.
  • Background image support for the outlook.
  • No need to write a single code to use the template. Change the text, images, and you are ready to send the template to your customers.

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Cindrella Responsive Email Template Design

Cinderella - Ecommerce Responsive Email Template

Cinderella – Ecommerce Responsive Email Template is an eCommerce template is designed to meet your customer’s expectations. List down your premium product in the email with the link to the product page. Startup and established companies could use the modular email template to send the newsletter to their customers. The modern and easy-to-customise design makes it a perfect solution to your email marketing needs. 

A template is compatible with Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Hubspot, and many other email service provider software companies. All the features you see in the demo version are available in the file. No need to code or make any changes to the file. Add the text, replace the images, link your product and your email newsletter is ready to fly.

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Simpli Responsive Email Template Design

Simpli - Notification and Transactional Email TemplatesSimpli – Notification and Transactional Email Templates is for customer communication at every stage. When a product is sold, delivered, or even the monthly update of the user’s activities should be informed to the client through email messages. The notification and transactional email template make it possible to interact with your customers effectively. 

The template package contains emails for a welcome message, email verification, Invitation message, event, feedback, emoji, redeem and order, Unsubscribe, forget the password, code activation, dashboard communication, message alert, team members default message, contact us page response, etc. Integrate the template and make all your communication professional. Present yourself as a brand that delivers good services to the client and cares about their interest.

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Shopon Responsive Email Template Design


Shopon - Newsletter Template for Ecommerce Websites + Stampready Builder

Shopon – Newsletter Template for Ecommerce Websites + Stampready Builder is for delighting your customer. A responsive layout automatically adjusts according to the screen size on Smartphone devices and web browsers, offering a pleasing experience to your viewers.  Broken HTML and design would give an awful experience to your customer; therefore, you should not compromise on the quality for the quantity.

Use the Passion email template to engage your customer and get them on board to purchase your products or services. Easy to integrate layout comes with the modular design. You can change elements from the template without disturbing the essence of the template. Compatible with all kinds of devices and web browsers, it is easy to navigate while reading the content on various devices. Integrate into popular email service providers such as MailChimp and monitor the real-time results of customer response to your template.

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Summary of Responsive Email Template Designs

Email template design makes a big difference in converting your readers into a customer. Once the email is delivered to the customer, you cannot control how the users will comprehend the email. Also, a wide range of devices is available where they can be browsed. Hence, while developing the email template, the developer considers all of these factors and ensures the best experience. 

Mobile devices are limited to the space when it comes to showcasing information through email templates. It reduces the scope to place more information in the email template. Additionally, the mobile device’s attention span is much less than the desktop computer because users generally browse content on the mobile while on the go. So they will be interacting with several other things while they are checking their emails. 

Email developers tackle this problem with a simple but elegant design that grabs the attention of the users as soon as the user opens the template. The content hits the client immediately when it is first looked. Combining the images and content creates a perfect recipe to engage the users and make them buy products. 

The above listed email templates are designed to keep all the above thoughts in mind. It will boost your conversion and allow you to bring new customers to your store. Download these templates today and start influencing your target audience.

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