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What do we do for Quora Marketing?

We offer following services for Quora Marketing:

How do we charge for Quora Marketing?

We charge on monthly basis to provide the above services on subscription modal.

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What is Quora?

Quora is a social media platform based on question and answers. You can ask any question from any domain and people, who have knowledge or expertise answer the questions in rich content format. The answer may contain images, media , external links , references and off course text.

Unlike Facebook, where people’s response is limited to chit-chat kind of conversation,  Quora encourages detailed  discussion in the form of questions and answers. Quora moderators are very strict. The answers that are not satisfactory as per the Quora guidelines for content are  removed. Quora moderators maintain the quality of answers and thus content to a very high degree of quality.

Useful statistics for Quora Marketing for digital marketers and social media enthusiasts

Data item Value
Monthly unique visitors  300 million + as of now
Subjects discussed More than 400,000 + as of now
Monthly active users 190 million + as of now
Average time spent on Quora 2x time of Linkedin
Demographic distribution > 35% American, > 15% Indians and remaining from other countries mainly UK and AUSTRALIA
Average annual income of users of Quora More than $100,000 for 54% users of Quora
Average time spent on Quora  1hr to 4hrs

Quora’s age wise users (Based on Alexa’s data)

Age group % of users
18 to 24 45.5%
25 to 34 32.5%
34 to 55 2%
65+ 1.6%

Quora’s traffic by countries

Country % Traffic
USA 27.80%
India 18.61%
UK 6.06%
Canada 3.46%
Australia 2.36%

Quora’s traffic type

Traffic Type Percentage
Direct 19.61%
Referrals 0.44%
Search 78.07%
Mail 1.14%
Social 0.58%
Display 0.16%

Distribution of Quora’s social media traffic 

Platform Traffic
Facebook 43.2%
YouTube 27.8%
Twitter 8.6%
Rediff 7.6%
Pocket 2.1%

Top 10 most discussed brand on Quora

Brands Followers on Quora
Google 115.3k followers
Starbucks 81.6k followers
Amazon 72.3k followers
Coca-Cola 64.8k followers
Intel 51.4k followers
Apple 51.1k followers
Red Bull 46.8k followers
Microsoft 36.8k followers
Walmart 36.4k followers
McDonald’s  36.0k followers

Following are the top contributing ad networks on Quora:

Quora has more than 500,000 topics active on the site. It stands out as the second largest library next to Wikipedia. Some of the popular writers on Quora get an average 1 million page views in a month. Quora is available in 24 world’s most popular languages.

What features of Quora are available for brand promotion?

Following features are available for brand promotion:

Quora Display Ads

By creating questions related to your brand

We can generate questions for our brand, and subsequently get it answered. This is a method of generating content for the brand to create awareness, education besides redirecting web traffic to the website and blog of the brand. The amount of traffic generated is very huge as some of the questions and answers may rank in the first page of Google SERP. That is the beauty of Quora Marketing.

Quora also runs a partner program whose designated member writers are paid for asking questions on virtually any topic. 

 By Quora Spaces aka Blog 

Quora blog and now known as spaces are designated areas on the Quora platform having custom subdomains. Anybody can create a space on any topic and invite other people to contribute content in the form of questions and answers.

It offers the opportunity for brands to have a space aka blog where brand managers can engage with their customers aka users in a meaningful way.

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