How to bring the WOW factor in Facebook Marketing Strategy?

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Facebook Marketing can be done just for the sake of doing it or it can be done to bring the WOW factor in the Facebook Marketing Strategy. Every business is accustomed to Facebook Marketing Strategy and they are claiming to do it very well. Really?

You can not change the oil in your car without referring to all the step by step instructions in the manual of the car or without an expert mechanic.

To get the WOW factor in your Facebook Marketing Strategy, you require an agency expert in Facebook Marketing. The agency should understand the Facebook platform and your products or services very well. Understanding both is a must to get the best result.

Understanding of Facebook platform boils down to knowing how to launch , run and optimize advertising campaigns.

It requires understanding of  built-in tools, clarification of  goals, understanding how to measure the ad’s performance, and being prepared to test each Facebook ad several times.

Generally, Facebook marketing professionals are not able to cross 2% average CTR of retail Display Ads on Facebook. It is because they do not focus on continuous improvement on the Facebook Marketing Strategy adopted for a product or service.

Step : Testing the Water

The idea is to run different variations of the same Display Ads in one single campaign

In the first step or we can call it the first phase , there should be experimentation to split one campaign into different variations of the same Display Ads. Ideally, variations of Display Ads should be created based on visual design, target keywords, headlines, CTA elements and target demographic profiles.

The different variations of the same Display Ads should be deployed and there should be a quest for finding the highest performing ads. 

We can experiment with as many variations of the display ads as the budget permits. The process of creative content development plays a major role in this step.

Step : Focus on Audience and Reach

The idea is to identify the audience for the products or services and to increase the reach to them

We can call it the second phase or step two. Once we have zeroed down on the variation of the display ad or ads that are working on, we need to focus on demographic and increasing the reach of the ads. 

Facebook provides some of the easiest to use and best custom audience tools. These tools help marketers to freeze on specific audiences based on a wide number of variables. Following are some of these variables:

  • Who are the people visiting the website?
  • Which region do they belong to? 
  • What specific interests do they have? 
  • What is their age group and gender?
  • What is their profession?
  • What are the income levels?
  • What are their buying habits?
  • What are their spending and investing habits?

We should focus on the audience that has the need for the products or services being marketed and a purchasing power to make immediate decisions. We should also focus on increasing the geographic reach of the audience , if possible for the products or services being marketed.

Step : Focus on conversion and increasing CTR(click-through rate)

The idea is to generate as many leads and conversions as possible

We can call it the third phase or step. The website and the landing page where the users are redirected is of utmost importance in this phase. Does the website  or the landing page is doing conversion at a good rate?  This is the answer that we need to find.

Increasing the CTR should be the motto of this phase. We may require tweaking the website or the landing page at this stage to experiment with CTR. The role of offers , discounts , cashbacks and other marketing gimmicks come into picture at this stage for increasing the CTR that will generate leads or conversions.


To bring the WOW factor in the Facebook Marketing Strategy, it is required to do a lot of trials and errors with empirical data generated by Facebook while running a campaign. The insight into the data with continuous tuning of the performance of the display ads will help us to reach the best Facebook Marketing Strategy.

Author : Akhilesh Maurya