How to use quora to promote your brand?

What is Quora?

If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, you can not ignore Quora. The question might have come to your mind “How to use quora for marketing?” The answer is also very simple that by publishing your content in questions and answers format. It is a perfect social media platform to take your business online. Quora will help you to promote your products & services at the lowest cost possible. Because it is an online question and answer platform driven by golden rules of  “content marketing” philosophy. Quora offers features to generate leads online for a product or service by asking questions. The brand people can advertise by asking relevant questions about their products and services. They can also generate content about their products and services by answering relevant questions.

There are features to add images, info graphics, external links & references along with visual media. It is a social media platform driven by inbound marketing principles where good content is king.

How to use Quora to promote your products and services?

Quora offers opportunities for business communities and brands to do :

  • Market research for their products and services by gauging consumer sentiment
  • Understanding the unique selling point (USP)  of  products and services by real consumer feedback
  • Understanding the brand image of existing products  and services by interacting with existing customers of products and services
  • Understanding consumer psyche and behavior for existing products and services
  • Solving customer complaints and grievances
  • Competitive analysis of rival products/services

What are the advantages of Quora marketing strategy?

Quora is driven by quality content and quality content is the heart of digital marketing. We all know that “content is king”. The impact of answers given on Quora by business owners regarding their products and services is huge. Some points to be considered are as given below:

  • The content in the form of questions and answers remains trending at the top for a long period of time. Because Quora content or answers can have images, text, videos as well as links to other websites. It can also have links to the brand website or to the online store. Hence, it directly helps in lead generation for relevant products or services.
  • The answers having a lot of reviews or  “upvotes” along with positive comments serve as good quality content for generating inbound leads and website traffic.
  • The users giving negative comments or feedback can be treated as grieving customers. Their queries and pain-point can be addressed on the spot by replying to them.
  • It is possible to redirect the customer’s attention to the website of the concerned product or service by specifying website links.
  • The content provides a source of good inbound traffic for websites or blogs dealing with the concerned products or services.
  • It also provides a full-text-based search on any topic. If questions and answers are present as per the relevant topic searched, it presents results in the format as per other search engines.
  • It has the facility to create blogs where promotional content can be generated for products or services.
  • The questions and answers or the content of Quora can be shared on other social media platforms as it provides question and answer sharing features.
  • Some of the best answers on Quora are shared very often on other social media platforms.
  • It has the facility to create spaces or so-called “Quora spaces”. Again, it can be related to any topic or product, or service of an enterprise.


It may seem that Facebook has more active users spread across geographic locations in the world with much higher traffic,  but Quora marketing strategy gives a better Return On Investment (ROI) with content marketing in long run. 

It is better than Facebook and other social media marketing platforms for a long-term marketing strategy with inbound content marketing.

To know more details about Quora platform, please follow below link:

Quora marketing tool

Author: Akhilesh Maurya
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