How to choose a technology partner?

We’ve all heard the saying, “If you want a thing well done, do it yourself.” However, you may come to a point when you need a reliable technical partner. As a non-tech founder, you’re probably struggling with the best way to bring your idea to life. It’s totally doable – for example, Air BnB’s founders created a billion-dollar tech company without coding skills. Here is a anwer to the question “How to choose a technology partner?” This anwer will bring all your ideas to life, if followed religiously:

On paper your path will look something like this:

Research – Prototype – Build – Launch

But in practice, you’ll be engaged in a continual cycle of iteration. Unfortunately, it’s not a straight line that starts with an idea and ends with a product.

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Cost aside, you want to find someone with a broad technology background, solid reputation, and years of experience. But what looks like a “better deal” at first can make you pay 2-3x times more. So, what are the main criteria? How do you define which tech partner is best for your business?

 Communication is a key

The best partner will ensure that you get the technology solution that works for your specific business needs. Think about the following:

  •       Do they communicate clearly?
  •       Do they ask questions to understand the challenges you are trying to solve?
  •       Are they open about potential risks?

Transparent working process

Find out if the company has a well-defined, efficient, and easy to understand working process, can provide you with the tools so that you can follow the sprints, and if they’re open to adjusting their process to your specific needs. Make sure that you’ll be able to track the progress throughout the whole development cycle. The company should:

  •       provide you with a detailed working plan
  •       describe every stage of the development
  •       constantly update you on the progress
  •       give you access to a task-tracking system.

Company culture

Expertise is necessary but not sufficient. Culture is extremely crucial. Make sure that the company has values that align with yours. Ideally, developers are inspired about the product you are building.

When the project is launched successfully, it’s not only a great reward for everyone involved but also great advertising for the team that worked on it.

Quality control

Make sure your partner has skilled QA engineers to provide quality assurance on each phase of the software development lifecycle.

  •  They need to have a clearly defined strategy and a systematic methodology.
  •  Everything must be covered, from testing the idea to User Acceptance test &  evaluation of users’ feedback.

Maintenance and support

Client-oriented vendors don’t just create a product and leave you hanging. Development company should offer support throughout the entire cycle of the solution, including:

  •  the conception of the solution;
  •  deployment in the production environment;
  •  post-development.

Freelance developers vs. software development company

Should you hire freelance developers or outsource to a software development company? Both options come with their own benefits & risks.

Freelance developers


  • You can choose the best person for each challenge.
  • You will be paying for software development when you need it which means lower costs.


  • Potential commitment issues.
  • You will be spending a lot of time communicating with your technical partners.

Software development company 


  • You’ll have access to multiple resources with years of combined experience.
  • As your development needs fluctuate, you’ll be able to increase and decrease the team size as required.


  •  The main risk here is that you can lose control of the project.
  •  If you go for offshore software development, you need to take into account time  zones and linguistic differences.

Do you have a brilliant idea?

It is all about people. But It takes some real work, time, and emotional effort to find technology partners that have a passion for the art of software development.

The best people will have your back. So, make sure you select tech companions you can trust  a team should leave you with zero doubts about their ability to accomplish your goals.

The partnership with the right website design company in Dubai is the key to your success. It’s like a marriage – choose your technology partner wisely to skip the painful divorce.

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Summary of “How to choose a technology partner?”

Choosing a technology partner requires focus on building a long-term partnership with agency that has technical resources, expertise in communication and reputation.

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