New trends in Digital Marketing

New Digital Marketing trends for 2017
New Trends in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing offers active engagement with consumers.

As we are living a digital life, sales and marketing has been considerably enhanced with digital media. New age requires out of box sales and marketing strategies. Social Media Platforms (Facebook , LinkedIn , Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube, etc.) have shaped the Digital Marketing era. Digital marketing is currently ruling among the best ideas for out of box marketing. It provides interactive platforms to have meaningful engagement with consumers. Contrary to that SMS Marketing, Email Marketing and other traditional media platforms like TV, Radio and Print Media provide passive engagement experience with consumers.

New Digital Marketing trends which will rule the decade.

Smartphone Based Contextual Advertising

Smartphone Apps will provide larger platforms for Contextual Advertising based on Consumer’s Demographic Profile. In fact, normal Apps or Gaming Apps will be created or sponsored by large brands or media houses solely to promote products or services. This is also termed as Gamification of Brand or Gamification of Products.

Messenger Based Contextual Advertising

Whats App or any other Messenger App(s) may come with new versions which will analyze keywords in the chats of users based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms. It may create a demographic profile of user termed as “Persona” or “Personality” or “Avatar”. It will decide likes or dislikes of the user based on “Persona” or “Avatar” and provide Contextual Advertisements based on that.

Smartphone Games as Digital Signage Screens
Digital Signage Screens or Digital Billboards will be embedded in the gaming Apps like car racing, war games or any other multi-player games where player’s data or session information is stored on central server. These Digital Signage Screens or Digital Billboards will stream video advertisements from the central server based on “Avatar” or “Persona” of the game players. It will be possible to do Eyeball Analysis or Footfall Analysis for advertisements as all data is stored on Central Server in the game play environment.
Digital Banners or Audio/Video playback in the Apps will be common as methodology of Brand Recall for products/services.
Since reach of Smartphones will be huge, we may compare it with the analogy of reaching electricity to common people. Smartphones will be as common as Electricity. It will be possible to do Contextual Advertising based on consumer’s age, gender, education and other demographic parameters. With the rise of Big Data and other technologies for Business Intelligence, Contextual Advertisements will be targeted to desired consumer group. It will be very cost effective also as far as marketing expenditure is considered.
Beyond Video – Holograms as Interactive Advertisements
The Out Of Home (OOH) media will be dominated by Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications. You can get some ideas of what kind of applications can be developed with Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality HERE
Currently, out of home media or Digital Signage Networks provide video based content. Emerging new Holographic Hardware and Devices for Virtual and Augmented Reality will serve content as Holograms or Interactive Videos where consumer will interact with advertisements in real-time in the form of Holograms. It will help consumers to get better understanding of Products/Services. Some of the hardware or devices emerging in this field are as given below:
  1. Oculus Vision – A Virtual Reality platform
  2. Microsoft HoloLens – An Augmented Reality Platform
  3. Google Glass – A Virtual Reality Platform
Change in Social Media Platform
Two distinct kind of social media platforms will emerge. One platform may be for business or professional networking e.g. LinkedIn, various Job Portals, etc. Another one may be for community networking like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Currently, there is no clear demarcation between the two as both overlap the functionalities of each other. Sooner or later they will align to their core competencies as the major revenue for them is Contextual Advertising. It is the core of their Business Model. Demarcation will help them to target right kind of advertisers easily.


Role of Internet of Things (IoT) in advertising

New kind of hardware devices may emerge which will be connected to Internet and information savvy e.g.
  1. Wearable Watches,
  2. Wearable Medical Devices to monitor body functions

Some devices will collect personal information and will send to our Social Media Profile to be used by advertisers. Our existing home appliances will be IoT enabled. Suddenly our LED TV will become smarter. Since it will be connected to Internet, it will have access to vast information available on Internet plus our Social Media Profiles. So it will provide another Contextual Advertising platform for Advertisers. Some devices will provide Contextual Advertising platform like Refrigerators or Washing Machines.


Anything which is of digital nature and has ability to communicate on Internet may be a potential media platform. The above will be some of the out of box marketing and advertising ideas.

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  5. Imparting knowledge on the new digital marketing trends is highly beneficial. I realized after reading this article anything, which is of digital nature can be a potential media platform. One can easily communicate with these internet and information savvy gadgets.

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