Convert MSG file to EML


In this article,  we will discuss how to convert MSG to EML format. So, this article will assist you a lot if you want to export MSG files to EML format and find it away. Continue to read the article and learn how to convert MSG files into EMLformat.

 The mail systems of today are based on a model of store-and-forward. Accept, forward, send, and store messages from email servers. When a message is provided, neither the clients nor their devices need to be online, they need to link to an email server to send or receive emails. The most prevalent and popular file formats are MSG and EML. Some users want to transform MSG to EML format owing to some restriction of Outlook MSG.

First of all, we need to understand the MSG and EML file formats.

MSG is a proprietary file format that is used by Microsoft to store the single email messages and other single items(meetings, tasks, appointments, contacts, etc.) on the outer part of Outlook. This format is compatible with any version of Outlook. 

EML is another standard format used by a number of email clients. It is the same as a text file and it can be open in any text editor such as a notepad. It allows you to convert a .txt file into an.eml file if your email client does not export directly into .eml. Users can use this format to export emails into any other email format.

Since MSG file only stores a single email message, it is very difficult to handle a large amount of Outlook MSG at once. For another example, only the Microsoft Outlook application is consistent with the MSG file. With any other application, you can’t open the.msg file.

By exporting MSG format to Windows Live Mail EML format, MSG format to Outlook Express EML format or MSG format to Mozilla Thunderbird EML format, users can transfer their Microsoft Outlook email messages to well-known email clients easily.

There are different techniques for converting MSG files into EML format on the market. Some are manual techniques and others are third-party software that will assist you to export your MSG files to the EML format of Windows Live Mail:

Techniques to transform MSG Files to EML Format

There are two types of techniques :

  1. Manual Technique
  2. Alternative technique
  1. Manual technique
  • You need to drag and drop the Outlook MSG file and save it to a place of your decision. Change the extension of the MSG file to EML. Open the EML file to the email client of Thunderbird.

In manual methods, the user can face various challenges :

  • It’s not a user-friendly method, so the user doesn’t understand it easily.
  • Not an appropriate technique for non-technical users.
  • You may lose your attachments in the MSG file.
  • One by one is endorsed transformation of MSG file which requires too much user time.
  1. Alternate technique

If you have a large number of MSG files then it seems to be very hard for you to use the manual technique. Therefore, it is suggested that you always use a third party solution whenever you face problems with a manual technique. One of the best tools for this conversion is MSG Converter that enables you to easily convert MSG to EML.

  • MSG Converter converts MSG Files to EML format along with attachments.
  • There is no data loss by MSG Converter.
  • Multiple MSG files can be converted into other formats in one single go.
  • There is no size limit for the files to be converted.
  • No loss of original content.
  • Portable with all versions of windows.


We have discussed two techniques for the conversion of MSG File to EML format. The manual technique explained above gives the step by step execution for the desired output and another is an alternative technique is MSG Converter used to directly convert MSG File to EML format. For direct conversion, you can use this software as it is not time-consuming as compared to manual methods.

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