Content and Gaming Apps for Brand Creation

Content and Gaming Apps for Brand Creation
Gaming apps for brand creation


Recently, we as a Start-Up company have launched an E-Commerce Portal  which sells nutrition and other related products like protein supplements, protein shakes, supplementary vitamins, various salts and oils, jogging and sports related apparels, super foods, snacks and good food capsules and oils.We are trying to grow social media organically, but we are currently related to Facebook and twitter.

Please suggest other methods and medium to achieve our object with least cost of investment.



Find what is nature of products/services?

Since your products are related to sports supplements and nutrition, there are available protein supplements also. Naturally your majority of target audience is youngsters who are more sports inclined and who are physical fitness freaks. Grown up men/women are also target audience for vitamins and nutrition supplements.

Generate Educative Content via. Blogging

Creating awareness by writing content on various blogs (Blogging) related to sports, fitness and health and correlating with your products is a way to go. You may create your own dedicated blog also related to these topics and promoting the blogs/content on social media. It is possible to hire a team of dedicated content writers or bloggers for the above topics. The content generated should give scientific facts and information related to your products and it should be able to differentiate among other products available in your competitive segment. Here content of the blog should be of educative nature which should convince reader for necessity of the products.

Generate Educative Content via. Audio Visual Media

Creating a dedicated YouTube channel and videos related to sports/fitness is another way with advertisement of your products, again visual content should be of educative nature convincing the viewers about need of the products.


Co-branding with Gaming Apps

You may use another strategy loosely termed as gamification of your products/services. In fact, it is not a single strategy, but combination of multiple strategies which uses Android and iOS mobile platform.

You need to tie-up with popular mobile games running on Android or iOS platforms. Games or Apps selected must be predominantly action oriented, like car-racing type, bike racing type, counter-strike type games, body-building and fitness related Apps or any other popular games. The deal is that you can provide the access to your website and facility to do product purchase from the game or App free of cost or at discount at certain level of scores in the game. The player or user must be registered to your website as authenticated user.

Users or players can register to your website from the App also. You can also provide “Refer a Friend” concept where user of the game or player can invite other users to your website via. Game only. After certain level of referrals done by the user or player, you can give discounts or allow free of cost purchase. It is a win-win situation for both, the game publisher and your portal. This strategy relies heavily on other popular games running on Android or iOS platform and it solely depends on how you crack the deal?

Second strategy is that you create your own Apps for Android or iOS platforms related to your products. Some of the app ideas, I can think of:

  •     Click photograph of your six-packs and post on your website
  •     App related to schedule of your exercise routine
  •     App related to recipes
  •     How to choose apparels for workout?
  •     App which describes how to use protein to build six-packs and body-building
  •     And there can be many…

Second strategy is capex oriented and requires significant time/resources in development of Apps. First strategy requires less or none investment of time and financial resources and it solely depends on negotiating terms and conditions with App publisher. I think combination of both the above strategies will do a lot in generating traffic to your website organically. It is also termed as Gamification of Brand now-a-days, a term coined newly where Apps are treated as Media platform for attracting right kind of audience.

Again, these are my viewpoints and it is always open to scrutiny and criticism.

Thanking You

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