Tips for Successful SEO Optimization

Tips for Successful SEO Optimization

In this brief article, we will examine some important tips for doing Search Engine Optimization for any website.

1) The content of the website should be unique and relevant to the subject matter or domain to which the website belongs. Yes, content is king. In addition to this, technically website should be designed in such a manner that it should have more text information compared to images and videos. Textual content should
not be embossed on the image or video, instead of that it should exist in Pure HTML format in the file.

2) Since the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is always relevant to the set of keywords (called SEO  keywords) towards which the website is optimized the subject matter of the content should revolve around the keywords.

3) Website should have a site map or navigation map page displayed on the website.There are predefined
formats for the site map (XML and HTML) in which Google expects to find the URL links to guide its Google Bot for traversing your site.

4) All of the HTML pages in your website should have META TAGS and HEADER information which should contain relevant keywords.

5) Your site should have lot of referral links or inward links pointing to your site from Blogs, Discussion forums,classifieds,etc. Please note that all these websites should contain and discuss the relevant topic of the
subject matter of your website. Do not use link referral mechanism or link farming mechanism to artificially boost your back link numbers to your website. Google search engine has ways to find it and it may penalize your website.

So it means you need to write lot of articles, white papers and  discussions on your products and services and it should have links pointing to your original website.

6)  Newsletter subscription facility helps website in disseminating the information to large number of target customers. If website has newsletter facility , it will help us generating more page hits to your website, thereby
improving page rank of the website.

7) SEO process is not a one-time task and it is a continuous process. All the above methods should continue for desired time until  desired result is achieved.

Mr. Akhilesh Maurya

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