Sentient AI – Improving E-Commerce Customer Experience

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SentientAI – Improving E-Commerce Customer Experience

The market for artificial intelligence (AI) is booming. Many enterprises are racing to implement AI technologies hence the significant increase in its adoption. Artificial Intelligence is a computer science technology that seeks to create computing devices that mimic human intelligence. A recent survey shows that nearly 38 percent of business organizations are already using AI and the growth is projected to reach over 60 percent by 2018. Another research study has predicted a more than 300 percent increase in AI investments for 2017 paralleled to 2016. IDC has also estimated that the AI market will rise to over $47 billion by 2020 compared to $8 billion in 2016.
E-Commerce Growth
E-commerce – selling goods and services over the internet – has been expanding immensely. Many customers are now shopping online or are at least purchasing most of their necessities, including groceries, fashion products, or anything online. Many companies have therefore joined the rat race to seize something out this multi-billion dollar industry market share. These organizations understand that e-commerce is not only about delivering products, but also creating user-friendly customer interfaces and enhancing customer shopping experience. It is what makes customers loyal towards e-commerce sites, turn them into life-long customers, as well as attract potential customers.
When a customer visits an e-commerce site nowadays, it shows him/ her recommended products that they would want to buy. E-commerce sites manage to do this with the use of artificial intelligence technologies. Businesses that have adopted e-commerce understand the importance of enhancing the experience of e-commerce customers to ensure they do not get swayed away by their competitors. Artificial intelligence also supports by increasing the e-commerce customer experience and prompts them to buy products at an opportune time which is appropriate for products that need to be replenished including food, drinks, and personal skin care products.
To take e-commerce to that level, Sentient AI is one of the technologies that companies across the globe are adopting. Sentient AI has some innovative AI-based techniques that help with enlightening customer experiences at e-commerce sites while still helping with improving the efficiency of the site functioning. Artificial intelligence technology is no doubt the next generation technology that will transform business online marketing strategies. Sentient AI technology provides a higher level of intelligence and is paving the way for revolutionary e-commerce technologies for enhanced and better consumer experiences for all e-commerce businesses.

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