Inbound Marketing as Brand Creation Strategy

What is Inbound Marketing?

It is a technique of Digital Marketing to draw customers to your products/services via Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is one of the best out of box marketing strategies for small and medium enterprises. Content about products/services plays a central role here. “Content is King” in this technique. Organizations are required to produce high quality content about their products/services on regular basis in order to make this strategy work.

More information on  “Why Content is King ?” can be found here.

Why Content does play a crucial role?

Because content is king with Inbound Marketing.

A good quality content about products/services pulls (read naturally attracts) customers. In Outbound Marketing , generally content is pushed (read forced) to customers. In Inbound Marketing, content is treated as educator,counselor or mentor in customer’s mind while making purchasing decision.

How does Inbound Marketing work?

This methodology works when following steps are executed in the order given below:

  1. Attract
  2. Convert or Engage
  3. Close
  4. Delight

1. Attract qualified visitors to your content

It involves attracting the right people at the right time at the right place with the right content. So that targeted people can be engaged as potential customers. The tools involved for doing this are Blogging about your products/services, social media posts, video channels on social media platform (e.g. You tube). SEO and SMM are used to promote your content and make them discovered.

2. Convert or Engage qualified visitors

After attracting the right people, it is required to create a meaningful engagement with them so that they can be converted into customers. Newsletter subscriptions, email marketing, SMS marketing and Cold Calling are the few tools used for this step. Cold calling is also very important, if you are a start-up.

3. Close

It involves closing the engagement process into an authentic customer. Here, our traditional sales and marketing strategies coupled with out of box selling ideas might come into picture like cold calls, client visit,demo, negotiation and closing of sell. It depends on the nature of products/services.

4. Delight

This step is concerned with keeping the customer loyal and making him/her buy more and addicted to brand of products/services. E-mail newsletters, loyalty programs, and periodic discounts play an important role in this step.


  • It is one of the low cost methods of Digital Marketing compared to other methods of Brand Creation. You can find more methods of Brand Creation here.
  • Brand Creation Strategies for Start-up Companies
  • It is slow and time consuming method of Brand Creation.
  • It is ideally suited for start up brands. Though established brands can use these strategies for Brand recalling and keeping customers loyal.
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