Tech Recruitment Trends in 2019

We are thankful to Vervoe as our guest Author for this post. Vervoe offers AI-powered skill testing to make hiring about merit and not background.

Tech recruiters in 2019 face a surge of demand for specific tech skills up against a pool of tech talent out there which is becoming increasingly difficult to access. Now that we are already halfway through the year, we decided to look at the most relevant studies to date to understand these and other important tech recruitment trends emerging in 2019.
We combed through reports from key industry sources like Stack Overflow, GitHub, JetBrains, Devskiller, and Hired. These sources cover hundreds of thousands of technical candidates, professional developers, and recruiters alike. From them, some important trends have emerged which will be essential to understand to succeed in the coming year.
The US BLS projects that software developer jobs will increase by 31% between 2016 and 2026. Despite this surge in demand, only 15.2% of developers are looking for a new job according to one survey.
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