How To Find Best Speed Cube Online

Rubik’s cube is hands down a revolutionary game that everyone wants to perfect. A game that has set the brick of a whole new world of educational games. 

Interestingly, Rubik’s cube was not made with the purpose of educating the young minds through a playful activity, instead, it was invented by Erno Rubiks to help his class of architecture students understand multi-dimensional figures better. But, later on with the widespread amusement regarding the game, one of the toy retailers believed in presenting to the world as a complex twisty puzzle. And hence, began the era of Rubik’s cube followed by a whole new arena of educational games. 

Since its arrival, a Rubik’s cube has gathered a lot of appreciation, and one major consequence of which is the invention of world tournaments that revolve around the magnificent Rubik’s cube. 

From the past few years, there have been tournaments and records that have been set by playing the sport of solving the Rubik’s cube, which is also referred to as ‘speedcubing’. 

Speedcubing is a term that is coined to solve a Rubik’s cube at a great speed. It involves flexibility in hand movements and dexterity, along with critical thinking, and problem-solving. Speedcubing is way more difficult than it sounds. It needs a lot of practice and hard work, and an ideal mindset of growth to master the art of speedcubing. 

How To Find Best Speed Cube Online

Over the decade, speedcubing has received widespread appreciation and now is celebrated as a worldwide sport. There are achievers and winners who could solve a Rubik’s cube in a blink of an eye, and not just this, the interesting and amazing records that are being broken every other day by these young speedcubes is just mind-blowing. 

The records range from solving a Rubik’s cube underwater, solving a Rubik’s cube blindfolded, solving three to four Rubik’s cubes at a single time, and many more. The list of these records is endless, and more records and tournaments keep adding on seeing the hard work and the talent of the young speedcubers.

With the gaining popularity, many people have started picking up speedcubing as a hobby and some are even getting serious about learning to speed cube and winning the tournaments. 

So, to help you get better at speedcubing, here are some of the tips and tricks that could help you find the perfect speedcube for yourself. 


        Go for the brands

There is a reason why the best speedcubers in the world prefer a certain brand. With the market flooding with speed cubes offering unique advantages and ideas, it is important to stick to our roots when going for an authentic speed cube. And for that, it is highly beneficial to look for cubes and brands that are already preferred by the most famous and the fastest speedcubers of all time. Some of the brands are GAN cubes, QiYii, and many more.


Try to experience the cube

Before getting committed to any particular type of cube it is necessary to experience it first and then decide on which speed cube you would like to continue upon. The best way to experience or try any new speed cube is to try to do certain random tricks with it, or just feel the presence of it in your hands. Moreover, there are certain things that you can definitely quantify for yourself are: Check the lubrication and the smooth quality of the cube, try to speedcube it in order to understand the fixture of its parts; Check the quality by feeling the material with which it is made, and most importantly, go with your intuition as it might already know what you want in your speed cube. 


Know your expectations

It is extremely important to know what you want from your speed cube before delving into one. Once you are clear with your expectations from the speed cube, you can go ahead and purchase the one that suits your wants and needs the best. For instance, if you want a fancy looking speed cube to flex I from of your peers, then go for the one which is interesting to look at, but if you want a speed cube that could help you with mobility, then go for the one which is flexible to turn and is well-lubricated. Knowing what you want is very important when buying a speed cube.


Since its inception, Rubik’s cube has won the hearts of millions. Undoubtedly, Rubik’s cube has remained the longest remaining bestseller in the history of toys. 


With more and more acknowledgement to these interesting toys, several variants and techniques of it start developing, or which speed cube is also the one. 

Finding a good quality speed cube could be very difficult at times, moreover, not every place has all the varieties of speedcube for you to choose the perfect one from.

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Happy cubing!