Top 10 tricks to increase restaurant sales in 2021 post covid-19

Top 10 tricks to increase restaurant sales in 2022 post covid-19

Post covid-19  the hospitality business has suffered a lot and we can really say that these are the bad times for food and restaurant business. The hospitality industry as whole is still feeling the shock and economic impact of corona virus on general population.

But there are some tricks that can be applied to overcome these trying times. We will examine top tricks to increase restaurant sales in 2021 to overcome difficulties created by lockdown and corona virus.

Many of the new marketing strategies for local restaurants , cafes and ready to eat food brands involve relying more on  social media marketing. Traditional marketing which involves print media, radio, TV advertisements & public display hoardings is costly in terms of ROI generated. The ROI on advertisements post covid-19 for restaurants and cafes has become crucial in selecting media channel and marketing strategies. 

Social media marketing can be started on shoe-string budget also. That is why it is one of the starting and best restaturant sales strategy to begin with. Social media marketing for restaurants & cafes can have following micro-strategies to fit in the bigger picture:

Google Map Listing with Google My Business

It will help cafe & restaurant owners to target nearby audience in the range of few kilometer of the location of cafe or restaurant. Consumers can find cafes or restaurant by organic search done in Google as a location on Google Map or as a listing provided by Google My Business listing.

Logo & unique color theme website for brand

A logo with unique & consistent color combination couple with a website helps in creating brand identity on social media. Website can be configured to provide information on menu or it can be configured to take on-line orders with payment and do delivery to customers.

Food porn on Instagram

As per Wikipedia, Food porn is a term given to display of glamorous images of food while cooking or eating with high quality photographs of food. Restaurants or cafe owners can promote their menu on Instagram using Food porn.

Food porn on Facebook

Restaurants or cafe owners can promote their menu on Facebook using Food porn.

Food porn on Twitter

Restaurants or cafe owners can promote their menu on Facebook using Food porn.

Social Media Contest

Restaurants or cafe owners can run contests on social media to attract attention of prospects. It can generate vast amount of leads or prospects which can later be converted into  restaturant sales.

Newsletter delivery by email marketing

It is very important to keep engaged prospective as well as loyal customers by sending regular newsletters by email offering discounts & cashback on repeat orders of resturant sales.

Brand endorsement by celebrity chefs

Social media can be used to endorse cafe menu on regular basis by menu design by celebrity chefs , reshuffling of menu by celebrity chefs & creating temporary menu on festivals & events on special occasions by celebrity chef.

Food porn on YouTube

DIY videos & promotional videos are excellent ways to create sensation about new dishes in the menu of cafe or restaurants.

Offer of discounts and cashback by SMS

SMS marketing helps in reaching to target audience or demographic profile in nearby location with promotional offers of discounts & cashback. In the context of Indian population, it helps in festive seasons to create new offers & promote them.

These are micro-strategies which need to be executed in order to fulfill bigger goal of prospecting, distributing content to target prospects, getting leads, converting leads to sales , monitoring restaurant sales & analyzing  restaurant sales & revenues with analytics to learn and come up with better strategies.