Quora as marketing tool

What is Quora?

If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, you can not ignore Quora as marketing tool. This is our experience as Quora marketing agency in Mumbai. Quora as a marketing tool is perfect to take your business online. It is an online question and answer platform driven by “content marketing” philosophy. It offers social media marketing opportunities who want to generate leads online for a product or service. Business people can advertise here by asking relevant questions about products and services. They can also generate content about their products and services by answering relevant questions.

Quora Partner Program

It also offers the opportunity to earn online for people who can produce relevant questions about anything by participating in Quora Partner Program. Quora Partner Program is an ideal program for people looking for “making money online free”. The only investment you have to do is your time and gift of writing. Here is the link to join :   Quora Partner Program Join
Quora can be used as a great marketing tool. Quora marketing strategy is one of the most powerful strategies in the hands of Digital Marketing people.

It is better than Facebook and other Social Media Marketing platforms for a long-term strategy of  “Content Marketing” or “Inbound Marketing“.

Social Media Platforms
Social Media Platforms

What is Social Media Platform?

In this modern age, it is the invisible media surrounding us twenty-four hours and seven days. It is like the air which you can feel it every time. It has easy accessibility with finger touch because of smartphones.

Most of the Social Media Platforms are Web 2.0 Internet-based applications controlled and driven by central servers on the Internet. The main driving force of these media platforms is User-Generated Content (UGC) which is generally in the form of comments about people, products and services,
emotional stories and content of real people’s stories, life-event drama, information sharing, and real-world news. Social Media Platforms are used to advertising for products and services.

What makes Social Media So Addictive ?

Social Media Platform is a gathering of people on the INTERNET. Every person needs to have an identity on the platform with his/her own social circles which are generally in the form of groups or communities. Most of the Social Media Platforms are driven by User-Generated Content (UGC) and are based on the philosophy of sharing information to attract people in order to increase its reach of network breadth-wise and depth-wise. People share a lot of information on Social Media in the form of text, images, videos, and other formats. Most of the time, their opinions and feelings are honest, frank, just, and up to the mark.

Social media is addictive because people loose inhibitions found during physical interaction. On social media platforms, they are free to communicate on any topic even considered taboo subjects by respective culture and societies. It also breaks the barrier of physical presence. 
So the content is realistic and free of artificial polishing.  Since it is User-Generated Content (UGC), it is of viral nature which spreads like fire. 
It offers vast opportunity for business communities to do:
  1.    Market Research for their products/services
  2.    Sales Forecasting for their products/services
  3.    Understanding the need of new products/services
  4.    Understanding the brand image of existing products/services
  5.    Interacting with existing customers of products/services
  6.    Understanding consumer psyche and behaviour for existing products/services
  7.    Solving customer complaints and grievances
  8.    Competitive analysis of rival products/services

Types of Social Media Addictions


Type of Social Media Platforms

There are many types of Social Media addiction or platforms :

  • Community or Group-Based e.g.  Facebook Groups
  • Informal Social Media Platforms where the business is not supposed to be conducted like  Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, etc.
  • Question and Answer based or Knowledge-Based Social Media Platform e.g. Quora.
  • Profile or identity based were sharing, chatting, commenting and friendship is prime concerned e.g. Facebook.
  • Social Media Platforms for professional linking to advance in career e.g. LinkedIn.

The above are just broad classification. Eventually, it must be understood that wherever there will be a large gathering of people somehow business will be conducted formally or informally.

Facebook has started allowing people to create their own pages (personal or professional) and on-line stores in order to transact business. It also offers advertising services in the form of Page Boosting and liking at economical rates.

LinkedIn is a profile or identity based social media networking website where the focus is on career opportunities. It also offers the facility to create company or business pages to establish a professional identity of organisation.

The Top Social Media Sites You Need to Care About

  •     Facebook
  •     Twitter
  •     Instagram
  •     LinkedIn
  •     YouTube
  •     Pinterest
  •     Reddit
  •     Quora

The fundamental comparison is between a Social Media Platform where community-based profile identity is created and “Quality of content is not given utmost important” and a platform where “Quality Of Content is given utmost important”. Advertising on Quora is far better as it falls in the second category where quality of content is of utmost important.

Advantages of Quora Advertising

Quora is driven by quality content and quality content is the heart of Digital Marketing. We all know “content is king”. The impact of answers given on Quora by business owners regarding their products/services is huge in terms of :
  1. Content remains trending at the top for a long time. Quora content which is generally in the form of answers can have images, text, videos as well as links to other websites.
  2. If product/service reviews have a lot of  “up votes” and positive comments along with the comment “up voting”, it servers as good quality content for Inbound Marketing.
  3. For negative comments or feedback, specific customer’s grievances can be addressed and closed transparently on the spot where a negative comment is written by solving the customer’s query.
  4. It is possible to redirect the customer’s attention to the website of the concerned product/service by specifying website links.
  5. The content provides a source of good inbound traffic for product/service websites or blogs.
  6. It also provides full-text based search on any topic. If questions and answers are present as per the relevant topic searched, it presents results in the format as per other Search Engines.
  7. It has the facility to create blogs where content can be generated for products/services.
  8. Answers or Content of Quora can be shared on other Social Media Platforms like Facebook
  9. Some of the best answers on Quora are shared very often on other Social Media Platforms like Facebook.
  10. It has facility to create spaces or so called “Quora Spaces“. Again, it can be related to any topic or product or service of a business.

Following website gives some statistics which will justify the impact Quora can make for businesses:

12 Interesting Quora Statistics And Facts


It may seem that Facebook has more active users spread across geographic locations in the world with much higher traffic,  but Quora marketing strategy gives a better Return On Investment (ROI) on “Content Marketing” in long run.
Please refer this article for statistics available on Quora:

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