The Right Way to Advertise on Facebook – A Beginner’s Guide

Changing the oil in your car without referring to a manual or consulting an expert is foolhardy. The same can be said about businesses that choose to advertise on Facebook without attempting to understand best practices or consulting a Facebook marketing agency.The right way to advertise on Facebook is an art as well as science.
Taking the leap into Facebook advertising should be done with knowledge of how to launch, run, and optimize your campaign. You should review the built-in tools, clarify goals, understand how to measure your ad’s performance, and be prepared to test each Facebook ad several times.
If you want to beat the 1.59% average CTR of retail ads on Facebook, you’ll need to understand few basics of marketing on this platform. Here’s a beginner’s guide to Facebook advertising.

Split test, modify and test again

Split testing helps advertisers pinpoint the highest performing elements of their ads. It also aids them in identifying what isn’t working and fixing it to optimize results.
Your Facebook advertising campaign should be structured to run two to three variations of ads that fit one promotion. With the recent introduction of Facebook dynamic creative ads, A/B testing has become far more simple and consolidated.
The Right Way To Advertise on Facebook
 Change just one detail between the ads; this will allow you to identify the element that’s working (or not) and it makes it simpler to turn off the under performing ads. Calculate which is the most successful by tracking ads with the lowest CPC and highest CTR. These are the ones that should point to the elements that are working, whether that’s the visuals, keywords, headline, or CTA.

Customize Your Audience


Facebook has some of the easiest to use and best custom audience tools of all platforms. By allowing marketers to zero in on specific audiences based on a wide number of variables such as visiting your website, living in a particular region, or having specific interests, it allows them to create better opportunities to convert users to customers by delivering targeted content to their Facebook feed. You can also deliver materials and interact directly with customers through Facebook Messenger marketing. Wherever you decide to advertise, the tools at your disposal for customization are unrivaled.

Refine Audience Insights

Audience insights will help you to understand your customer demographics, their behavior, preferences, and tendencies. These help you to hone in on an audience most likely to engage and convert.
For instance, if you’re targeting people who like ‘biking’, you’ll have an audience in the millions. By using the Facebook Audience Insights tool you can search for related terms to get specific with your targeting.
Once you have selected the specific audience it’s time to observe and monitor. Refine your audience further to generate more specific results or use the results you have to create a few Facebook ads that speak to that demographic.

Specify your destination

Carefully direct where your CTA is sending users. Having people land on the homepage of your website is wasting the effort put into your Facebook ad. Instead, you need to send them to a targeted landing page or other detailed part of your company’s site to increase the chance of generating a lead and making a conversion.
11% of Facebook advertisers are losing impact by sending their clickers to their website homepage. A further 20% are still missing the opportunity by sending people to their Facebook page. Just 69% of marketers get it right and send users to a specific landing page, which encourages conversions with tailored text and imagery. A great landing page needs to compel users to the action you enticed them to in your Facebook ad.
Follow the above to ensure your Facebook ad campaign has the right combination of research, targeting, and testing. Doing so puts you on track for making the most out of this affordable and effective digital marketing solution.

A special guest post from Author : Ilan Nass

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