How to buy condoms without feeling embarrassment ?

The below content is for people age 18 years and above.

Our Indian society is full of hypocrisy as far as sexual and reproductive health is concerned.
It is not seen as normal human behavior to express sexuality, especially by women. Even men feel embarrassment discussing these matters in family or public. Buying sexual wellness product(s) are a source of major embarrassment for both the genders.

We people feel unreasonable awkwardness and shyness while talking about reproductive health.
Purchasing products like male condoms, female condoms, and other products related to physical pleasure or wellness and safety is frowned upon with big eyes.

Due to this kind of social environment, especially the women population face a lot of difficulties
as far as mensuration, menopause, pregnancy, and maintaining pleasant love or marital relationship with their life-partners are concerned.

Expression of sexuality is still the biggest social taboo for women in our country. There is a bigger problem in towns and rural areas because of a lack of awareness and female education. They face
a lot of disadvantages in physical pleasure in terms of unwanted pregnancy and maintaining reproductive health.

Women are a submissive partner in choosing sexual wellness products

Indian women do not have a dominant bargaining position compared to their male partners in their intimate life situations.

Even males face difficulties while procuring products for making intimate moments safe, but in a lesser degree. The end result is that ultimately their female partners suffer more compared to males due to:

  • Risk of unwanted pregnancy
  • Risk of disease like STDs, AIDS, etc.
  • Deterioration of reproductive health
  • Loss of social status and other problems in case of unwed pregnancy


Why Government efforts and initiatives have not succeeded much in controlling population?

The mentality of people and the social code of conduct is the main reason for the above. Coupled with less female education in rural areas and male-dominant behavior, we do not consider
the sexual wellness products an integral part of our daily lives.

This problem is further aggravated by :

  • Lack of availability of sexual wellness products easily and in a discreet way.
  • Lack of awareness about sexual and reproductive health products in the market compared to Western countries.
  • Categorizing condoms only as a birth-control device rather than for pleasure.

In bigger metropolitan cities, the situation is better compared to towns and rural areas.
Youth in bigger cities has access to these products easily because of a large network of
medicine shops and other retail outlets. But the youth in smaller towns and rural areas still find it difficult to get these products easily.

There is a need for an online platform where both the genders can discuss sexual problems and issues in private and discreetly. People should be able to buy solutions in terms of advice, medical help as well as tangible product(s).

The E-commerce platform will act as a catalyst to make it happen

This change of social behavior regarding sexual wellness products can be easily achieved by the operations of e-commerce companies that are active in this segment. Now, in India many companies have created online e-commerce websites where customer can purchase products like :

  • Male Condoms
  • Female Condoms
  • Unwanted Pregnancy Pills
  • Oils and gels for pleasure enhancement
  • Adult Toys

These companies can remove shyness and feeling of awkwardness while buying products like sanitary napkins, female condoms especially to be used by women, Male Condoms, and adult toys.

The biggest advantage provided while ordering online for the above products on the website is discreet and anonymous delivery. It literally makes the above products available at your fingertips. Men and women feel comfortable while buying such products without being judged by anyone. These websites will help in improving the overall health and social status of women especially rural women and in B and C category towns and cities. Indirectly, it will help governments and other programs run by Government and NGOs for achieving population control, controlling AIDS and STDs and diseases.


Sexual and Reproductive Health Taboo In Indian Society

Adult toys and products are not only for pleasure but also for mental and physical wellness.

Generally, the health benefits of adult toys are the same as the health benefits of normal
sexual behavior which a human experience. For normal couples, adult toys help them in increasing their bonding and physical pleasure.

It can help overcome erectile dysfunction in some men. For example, men who had recent prostate surgery or treatment, diabetes, heart disease, spinal cord injury, and neurological conditions, they can reduce the effect of disease on their erection by promoting the blood flow into the erectile tissues by stimulating the nerves. It helps the men to have an erection without taking Viagra. Gels and Oils for increasing blood flow are very helpful in such conditions.

Women adult toys are also very helpful for hypersexual women who have nymphomania or some sort of sexual addiction. In western countries, doctors or physicians recommend them as substitute devices in their therapy. They are recommended not only for singles, but also for couples.




It is an e-commerce platform created by the company “CA Gain Healthcare Private Limited”. It offers unique wellness products like :

  • Male condoms
  • Female condoms
  • Contraceptive Pills
  • Delay sprays and oils
  • Adult toys for male and female
  • Erotic lingerie

The company sticks to the slogan “Privacy is Our Priority”. Any customer who is above the age of 18 can buy all the above products without losing his/her privacy. The packaging is very discreet which can be handled by the buyer only after successfully completing the order online. Orders are
shipped in discreet unmarked boxes without an invoice. Even the “From address” has the name of the company “CA Gain Healthcare” without the name of any of the product(s) written anywhere.

The delivery is superfast and orders placed before 3 PM are shipped on the same day.

While doing online payment with a credit card, debit card or net banking, nowhere trace is left
directly or indirectly about the name and nature of the products for which payment is made for.

The company deals in the most respectable brands of India e.g.

  • VEET



Keep  in mind  and even you can bookmark it in a mobile phone browser without feeling shy.


The viewpoints expressed in the above article are the personal opinion of the author and for education and promotional purpose. The author is not an employee or in any way connected to the above brands mentioned except as endorser.

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