How to communicate with the serial port in node.js?


Reading data from a serial port and displaying it on an HTML web page in real-time mode is a challenging task. It involves the seamless integration of many software components. 

The rise of technologies like robotics, automation in manufacturing, industrial process automation, and monitoring of data in real-time related to stocks, finances, sales, and marketing has generated a demand for such applications.

The main benefit of such web applications is that users can monitor data and do analytics in real-time anywhere anytime.

In the below comprehensive course that is available in PDF format, we will learn to integrate JavaScript+Node.js + WebSockets + WordPress and many other software components to create such web applications step by step. 

The course will focus extensively on learning the basic concepts with step by step code writing. It will be supplemented with exhaustive example source codes that can be used straight away in real-life projects.

Following topics will be covered in-depth in order to master the above programming skill:

  • Installing WordPress on a local machine (XAMPP server) and creating a simple website page.
  • Customising the look and feel of the website page as per our requirement with the user interface perspective.
  • Connecting a second database with WordPress website to store our custom data
  • Writing custom scripts and embedding in the page without developing WordPress plugins
  • Using COM port data emulator to generate traffic for our experimentation
  • Using Virtual Serial Port Emulator software to create a serial port
  • Using prolific driver software & hardware adapter to convert from USB to RS232 serial port
  • Installing Node.js and other modules/libraries to make it work for reading serial port data
  • Developing server and client program in Node.js to read serial port data
  • Transferring data from Node.js server to website page in real-time
  • Using WebSockets libraries for Node.js to establish and create an asynchronous communication channel
  • Parsing data to display it in a human-readable format using Digital Display Fonts
  • Processing data and storing it in the database in real-time
  • Generating graph and reports in real-time
  • Backup and restore of such web applications


The price of the complete course is 15$ inclusive of all the taxes.

Free consulting and support on phone/email will be provided in any matter related to the understanding of the concepts of the course up to a period of one month.

How to order it?

International Users 

You can order the above course by paying through PayPal if you are located outside India. The email id is Once the payment is received, the course will be emailed to you in PDF format in THREE business working days.

Indian Users

If you are an Indian user, you can use UPI for a money deposit.  Once the payment is received, the course will be emailed to you in PDF format in THREE business working days.

Thanking You

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