10 Common Mistakes Organizations Make For Their Web-promotion Strategy – Part One

10 Common Mistakes Organizations Make For Their Web-promotion Strategy – Part One

Web or a website of an Organization can be non-performing asset of the company or it can  be a driving factor for the whole business development team , depends upon following factors:

1) Does the website attract eyeballs easily in the various search engines , currently Google is dominating in this factor , but in the future there may be one or more search engines relevant to this factor ?

2) Does the website actively engage in pre-sales process for new customers ? Does it play the role of  Customer Support Executive in the form of web-channel ?

3) Does it play the role of help-desk for the grieving customers who are not happy with the products and services of the Organization ? Does it may Organization’s back-office easily accessible ?

4) Does it spread the Goodwill of the Organization through various Social Media Networking channels ?

5) Does it generate referral customers ?

6) Does it minimize the cost of back-office operation by solving trivial customer problems  without involvement of back-office of organization ?

7) Does it play the role of PR of the organization by announcing the launch of new products and services ?

8) Does website help in managing on-line reputation of the Organization (ORM) ?

9) Does website offers tips and tricks for using Organization’s products and services in a better way thereby providing maximum satisfaction for the customer ?

10) Is the website accessible from various technologies like Desk Computer, Mobile connectivity, Kiosk based help desk, IVR channels ?

In the next post , we will analyze the 10 most common mistakes organizations make for their web-promotion strategy.

Akhilesh Maurya