10 business to start with 1 lakh Rupees


Not everybody is lucky to land at a corporate job paying in lakhs and crores annually. Also, it does not suit everybody’s temperament to work in a 9 to 5 job as a corporate slave following the rat race. Many people are disillusioned with high paying corporate jobs as they do not offer great job security and the kind of work-life balance job seekers desire. Only government jobs offer considerable job security and work-life balance, but the financial rewards are slow and less compared to private corporate jobs.

 The main reason employees look for self-employment or entrepreneurship are:

  1. Corporate lifestyle and job insecurity which comes with dirty politics in many organisations.
  2. There is hardly any work-life balance. Family becomes secondary. This is very true for mid-life employees and especially in the MNCs and IT sector.
  3. Most of the corporate employees suffer lifestyle-related health diseases.

So the question that arises is “How can the transformation to entrepreneurship be done without burning a major hole in the pocket of the employees? What are “10 businesses to start with 1 lakh Rupees ?”

There are many such businesses.

Small Food Truck

It is one of the “top 10 businesses to start in 2022”. It is a business model where a small food truck is hired for serving lunch, breakfast, and dinner in crowded areas. Many MSME sector employees do not have a proper method of getting lunch, breakfast, or dinner from their employers as they work in a small enterprise.

The employees also have very little budget as they are not highly paid and can not afford daily branded services. Ordering daily online from cloud kitchens like Swiggy and Zomato is beyond their reach.

Food trucks can operate 24 hours in three shifts and can be parked at convenience in industrial areas full of MSMEs as per a schedule. The major investment in terms of capital is the rent of a small truck, installing a makeshift kitchen in the truck, decorating and refurbishing to look like a food counter, and the cost of acquiring necessary licences such as FSSAI, and from police and municipalities.

Cloud Kitchen

It is one of the “10 easy businesses to start”. A cloud kitchen does not serve food to walk-in customers. The rise of online food delivery websites and applications have given birth to the cloud kitchen concept. Restaurants and Cafes are listed on websites or apps like Swiggy and Zomato.  

Customers order food online and they are picked and delivered by their operations team. The beauty of the cloud kitchen is that it can be operated from home, also. The capital required is for some good quality restaurant-grade kitchen equipment, the cost of promotion, and listing on the online apps like Swiggy and Zomato and the cost associated with getting necessary permissions from FSSAI, police, and municipal authorities. People who are operating small food trucks can operate it as a cloud kitchen also as and when required. 

Laundry Services

In western countries, laundry services are organised community wise. In our Indian culture, washing and laundry is done by individuals at their respective homes. But now, this trend is being changed by some of the new-age entrepreneurs.

In India also, self-service laundry is gaining popularity because of nuclear families and working couples.

This business can be started at a small scale first to serve nearby localities. The investment involves renting a small space, washing machines and other equipment to store clothes. A good amount of money should also be spent on promotion via pamphlets, local newspaper advertising, and social media marketing.

Recruitment Agency

MSME and corporate companies need to deal with employee resignations and job switches frequently. Gone are the days when employees served their employers for decades.

Recruitment agencies are the key coordinators between employers and candidates seeking a deserving position. It is a business to start within 1 lakh Rupees

Starting a recruiting agency is less capital intensive and the cost of investment is below 1 lakh to start with. It can be started from an investment in laptop, printer, internet, and a good database of candidates that can be purchased on a subscription basis from major job portals like naukari.com or monster.com.

Event Management Services

Event management business is a top business idea  for “Top 10 businesses to start in 2022

”.It can be further classified into two categories broadly. One type of business mainly caters to corporate clients. That requires a lot of capital investment and it mainly provides services like product launches, sports management, corporate seminars, trade exhibitions and fairs, and other activities related to corporate life.

Event management services are also required for the common public. For example, event service providers are required who can arrange birthday parties, kitty parties, anniversary functions, family functions, and small gatherings in day to day life.

Such a small event management company can be started with very less capital expenditure. The capital investment is in purchasing props, small equipment like audio equipment and video equipment, production equipment and computers, and IT-related equipment.

Gadgets Repair Shop

In today’s modern world, we are dependent on all kinds of gadgets and equipment to live our life. Be it white goods like TV, refrigerators, AC, Mobile or washing machine to name a few, all need maintenance and repair in due course of time.

In order to start a repair shop, the capital investment is in renting a shop, buying equipment and accessories required for maintenance and repair. A substantial capital is required in promotion and marketing also. 

Organic Vegetable And Fruit Distribution

In metro cities and small towns, people are becoming slowly aware of pesticides and chemicals present in day to day consumption of vegetables and fruits. The demand for pure organic vegetables and fruits is increasing as their sourcing is difficult in metro cities and small towns.

This business model involves sourcing organic vegetables and fruits from small-time organic farmers nearby cities and selling them in city or town localities. Many of the organic farmers are hobbyist organic farmers and farming is not their main occupation. Every city and town has such people who cultivate vegetables and fruits organically in nearby city areas in small parcels of lands or in farmhouses.

The investment involves a small rented warehouse with deep freezing capacity, a small vehicle for transport, and expenses on branding and marketing. 

Florist Shop

The business model of florists has changed because of the internet. Now a florist shop can be operated even from a small rented space as flower booking and order booking can be done online or telephonically.

The only investment required is rented space and equipment to preserve flowers. There is also an investment in branding, packaging, and marketing.

Franchise Business

A franchise is a business in which a branded business known as the ‘franchisor’ gives the right to use company name, trademarks, and business model to other people as independent operators, called ‘franchisees’.

Common franchisors are working in retail segments selling FMCG goods, restaurant business, salon business, real estate  and many other businesses where they come in direct contact with consumers.

Following websites list the name and types of businesses available for entrepreneurs having capital less than 1 lakh : 





Direct Selling

Direct selling means person-to-person selling in locations other than a retail establishment on one to one basis. It can be through such as social media platforms or by other methods where large people are made to assemble.  Parties, events, and other gatherings have become hotspots for direct sellers who are associated with any direct selling companies. It is among the 10 easy businesses to start with almost zero investment. 

Sometimes, it involves home visits to prospective customers or the person who is selling for a personal presentation or the demonstration of the products or services.

Follow below link to get a list of top direct selling companies :

Top 10 best direct selling companies in the world

E-commerce And Digital Marketing

Starting an E-commerce store is less burdening capital wise nowadays. A good E-commerce website can be designed with the help of freelancers who work with less budget. The sourcing of products and services is easy as manufacturers and retailers are keen to list their products or services on an online platform. The cost of digital marketing is less if a person or entrepreneur does it by himself/herself.

If an entrepreneur is having a good product or service, definitely this business can be started within 1 lakh rupees. 


The above are the top 10 businesses to start in 2022 within an investment below 1 lakh or in a range within it.

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