Best responsive email template designs for wow customer experience

Responsive Email Template DesignsEmail marketing has been the top of the chart strategy when it comes to driving customers. Online businesses rely on email communication and building awareness in the target audience. Without the use of email marketing, it would be challenging to influence people. Thus, implementing an email marketing strategy is vital for every online business. Email marketing seems easy, but it needs proper planning. Most importantly, the selection of the email template design in html plays a crucial role in the conversion. Today, the majority of users prefer accessing their emails on smartphone devices. If you want to tap these users, you must have a mobile-friendly responsive email template design. Email that looks awful or opens in broken HTML files is ignored by your users instantly. You have only a few seconds to grab the attention of the users. A responsive email template design is a solution to your email marketing needs. We have listed the top 5 responsive email marketing template designs that would make your email fly without any hurdle and influence your users.


Feshto - Fashion Email Set

Feshto – Fashion Email Set comes with a responsive html template design. A minimal design puts the focus on the essential element. It is suitable for many purposes and comes with an easy-to-edit template. Change the images, text, and responsive template is ready to send to your customers. 

A template is optimized for all screen sizes and mobile devices. It quickly gets adapted to the new screen size whether the user is browsing the template from a mobile device or web browser. The downloadable package contains a PSD file with the HTML source code. Use the PSD to customize the design according to your need and implement the desired code to the HTML source file.

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Olivia - E-commerce Responsive Email TemplateOlivia – E-commerce Responsive Email Template a responsive eCommerce email template. The package contains 13 modules designed ready to use.  Built with the trendy design concept, minimalistic coding, and compatibility to all devices, mobile, and desktop, makes it the perfect email template for all kinds of needs.


  • Support for all kinds of email marketing tools.
  • Easy integration and customization are possible.
  • Minified version of the HTML and CSS files to reduce the code length.
  • Background image support for the outlook.
  • No need to write a single code to use the template. Change the text, images, and you are ready to send the template to your customers.

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Cinderella - Ecommerce Responsive Email Template

Cinderella – Ecommerce Responsive Email Template is an eCommerce template is designed to meet your customer’s expectations. List down your premium product in the email with the link to the product page. Startup and established companies could use the modular email template to send the newsletter to their customers. The modern and easy-to-customize design makes it a perfect solution to your email marketing needs. 

A template is compatible with Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Hubspot, and many other email service provider software companies. All the features you see in the demo version are available in the file. No need to code or make any changes to the file. Add the text, replace the images, link your product and your email newsletter is ready to fly.

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Simpli - Notification and Transactional Email TemplatesSimpli – Notification and Transactional Email Templates is for customer communication at every stage. When a product is sold, delivered, or even the monthly update of the user’s activities should be informed to the client through email messages. The notification and transactional email template make it possible to interact with your customers effectively. 

The template package contains emails for a welcome message, email verification, Invitation message, event, feedback, emoji, redeem and order, Unsubscribe, forget the password, code activation, dashboard communication, message alert, team members default message, contact us page response, etc.

Integrate the template and make all your communication professional. Present yourself as a brand that delivers good services to the client and cares about their interest.

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Shopon - Newsletter Template for Ecommerce Websites + Stampready Builder

Shopon – Newsletter Template for Ecommerce Websites + Stampready Builder is for delighting your customer. A responsive layout automatically adjusts according to the screen size on Smartphone devices and web browsers, offering a pleasing experience to your viewers.  Broken HTML and design would give an awful experience to your customer; therefore, you should not compromise on the quality for the quantity. Use the Passion email template to engage your customer and get them on board to purchase your products or services. Easy to integrate layout comes with the modular design. You can change elements from the template without disturbing the essence of the template. Compatible with all kinds of devices and web browsers, it is easy to navigate while reading the content on various devices. Integrate into popular email service providers such as MailChimp and monitor the real-time results of customer response to your template.

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Email template design makes a big difference in converting your readers into a customer. Once the email is delivered to the customer, you cannot control how the users will comprehend the email. Also, a wide range of devices is available where they can be browsed. Hence, while developing the email template, the developer considers all of these factors and ensures the best experience. 

Mobile devices are limited to the space when it comes to showcasing information through email templates. It reduces the scope to place more information in the email template. Additionally, the mobile device’s attention span is much less than the desktop computer because users generally browse content on the mobile while on the go. So they will be interacting with several other things while they are checking their emails. 

Email developers tackle this problem with a simple but elegant design that grabs the attention of the users as soon as the user opens the template. The content hits the client immediately when it is first looked. Combining the images and content creates a perfect recipe to engage the users and make them buy products. 

The above listed email templates are designed to keep all the above thoughts in mind. It will boost your conversion and allow you to bring new customers to your store. Download these templates today and start influencing your target audience.

10 Tips for Creative Content Development for Social Media Marketing

By now, social media marketing has got a plethora of hands-on experience. The fluctuating algorithms of social platforms make it a burdensome job for creators to keep the audience always engaged. However, if you comprehend the basics of creative content development, then effectiveness and audience come thereby. Creating influencing content can be time-consuming or competitive, but it is all worth it when you ideally add value to the customers of your business with it. 

To overcome the hurdles of content creation for social media marketing, here I present how you can get successful in producing contagious content that gets shared among internet users. 

Firstly, let’s have a conversation about the backstory of social media marketing. 

Why do users share a particular content?

Behind every share of your content writing for social media marketing, there lies a motivation that convinces the user to do so. According to the varied research about the same, professionals analyzed that many psychological triggers make the people share content. 

A few of those are listed below. Read these before you go for creative content  development for online education or any other niche. 


Who does not love to get positive feedback? Everyone does. People seek acceptance from their acquaintances as sharing content these days says a lot about their personality. 


To nurture their relationship with others, people these days take the help of digital content to stay connected being social. 


Another reason behind the sharing of social media content can be the support of an idea, a political viewpoint, or a spiritual belief.


Lastly, but most importantly, people share content to entertain others or themselves. 

Tips for Creative Content Development

Quality is the key 

Investing time in research is the secret to creative content development for education, travel, fitness, or another niche. Focusing on superficial topics cannot get anybody’s audience therefore; one needs to make the content engaging and interesting. 

 Developing content is a time-consuming task, but a little professional help can sort the way for you. Thus, you need to know that the most important things to consider while creating content include analyzing headlines and choosing the most relevant topic for any niche. Keep the content short and crisp rather than extending it too long for nothing. 

The structure should be smart

Creating a wall of text will surely be a turndown for the readers. Most internet users are always in a hurry to read specific content; thus formatting your content is essential. Use numbered lists, headers, bullet points, or anything else that can highlight the most key information from your article, blog, or post, especially when you are into creative content development for EdTech.  

Value addition is a must

It is good to create informative content, but it is equally important for you to ensure your content is benefitting the audience. In creative content development, one cannot ignore that content should be designed to overcome the problems of people. In exchange for helping people with content, you will be doing self-help too. It will bring you brand loyalty along with a lot of repetitive customers. As long as your content is helping people, it passes around effortlessly. 

The audience is the main focus

Thinking about the audience is the most primitive point to be noted. Before sharing or creating the content, you should have enough knowledge about your audience’s likes. Audience polls have always been the easiest method. It will not only help you to generate comments but initiate debates about agreements and disagreements. With this, you will get to know what your audience wishes to have. 

Infographics shouldn’t be ignored

Infographics help people get information in the easiest way possible. Being available in the images helps the internet users in understanding the concepts. Moreover, people generally share visual content more on social media than text files. Use apt tools for creating infographics if you cannot afford a graphics designer to create top-notch quality infographics. In this, you can include business data with the help of expertise, making it more valuable for your audience. Especially, if you are seeking to get an expert in creative content development for education, sharing institution or website pamphlets is a tremendously upright way to go.  

Emotions are soft targets

In most of the successful campaigns run for social media marketing, researchers witness strong emotional reactions among the audience. According to various studies, emotions like sorrow, anger, and happiness are quite powerful in engaging people and convincing them to share the content digitally. Use narrative, user as well as art engagement to intensify public safety campaigns. Whenever you feel there is an opportunity to contribute, do not pull your feet back. For instance, if you want creative content development for online education, point out how online education can bring benefits to them. It will trigger the emotions of people that lead to engagement. 

Old is gold

We all are aware of the phrase “Old is Gold”. Considering the same, it is essential to know that users love to share the content that takes them back to old times. Once you analyze your audience, target the things that can be appealing to them. Also, pay attention to the response so that you can plan your next step accordingly. Insincerity can be highly dangerous here, so try to avoid it if you want to get successful in creative content development.

Bonus Tips 

Offer freebies to people. The giveaway contests or random lucky draw contests can be beneficial here. Use trendy topics in the creation of shareable content to get affirmative responses from people.

Add fun factors to your content to make it as engaging as you can. Only the business needs to be positive. However, the content doesn’t necessarily need to be. 

The most dominating form of social media marketing is videos to keep people engaged. 


Make it interesting if you want your content to be a master of your social media marketing. Go on and begin with it. 

Digital Marketing For Beginners

Digital Marketing For Beginners

If anyone possesses a business then they should have the knowledge of the online business. Nowadays with the rise of eCommerce, it is evident that the number of online shoppers worldwide rises along with it. Consumers make their buying decisions by first analyzing their options of buying the product through search engines, websites and reading customer reviews. And the people prefer not only exploring their options but also having the option for home delivery because it is convenient for consumers.

So, how can one make money from the eCommerce industry? The word “Digital Marketing” can solve all your queries.

Through digital marketing, producers can promote their brands to connect with their potential buyers using the internet. This has many advantages first – it is less expensive than conventional marketing, second – it is an easy method to reach new and existing customers with less money. If whoever is reading wants to change their business from traditional marketing to digital marketing this article is very helpful to you. You can have proper knowledge of online business through some easy steps down there.

The master plan to succeed in digital marketing is-

1- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

2- Search Engine Marketing

3- Email marketing

4- Content marketing

5- Social Media Marketing

6- Digital Advertising

7- Mobile marketing

1: Engine Optimization ( SEO)

Through this process, one can increase the quality and quantity of traffic which is generated from search engines. If your page have more visibility in search engine results the more likely it will grab attention and attract buyers to your business.

Some of these guidelines include optimizing your pages with:

 *Relevant keywords

 * Easy-to-navigate website structure

* High-quality relevant information

* Use of specific headers to break up content.

To grow an online business one should have to hire an SEO. One’s website, Google, and audience – these are the most important component of the SEO campaign.  First Google bots evaluate your site then take into thought the site’s material and content. Then if your content gets match with search queries and related words Google also examines the quality links to your website – the link conveys the information of relativity of your content to the questions.

Another aspect of SEO is that Google contemplates the amount of time the visitors are going through your site. If the visitor spends longer time the better your SEO chances are on the top.

Also Read:

2: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing indicates all the processes involved in giving rise to traffic from search engines. This aspect is theoretically true to some extent but practically it is different.

3: Email Marketing

If one have to increase their list of consumers then they should imply email marketing in their online business properly. It can bring an effective change in the business. The essential component of email marketing is segmentation; it makes sure that your email is reaching the right person at the right time.

4: Content Marketing

It refers to that marketing format that involves the writing, creating, and distributing pertinent content to target a huge audience. It is permission-based marketing. Potential consumers select this type of marketing and then share it.

5: Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing gives us the opportunity to give engagement to new and existing audiences on social media sites. Paid social advertisements help to reach your target demographic, and also let you grow an organic audience of followers. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social media platforms having more than 2 billion and over 330 million users respectively.

Creating high-quality content or videos along with spreading brand awareness generates more change. Therefore, most businesses understand the importance of social media marketing since it brings engagement. You should have the proper knowledge of high-quality content so that they can attract followers on every social media site.

6: Digital Advertising

This word conveys the clear meaning of advertising through the internet to promote marketing messages. It can also be referred to as paid advertising since it generates referral traffic on sites via paid digital ads. Digital advertising is often conducted on different platforms according to their target audience concentration. Some these platforms are

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

 7: Mobile Marketing

According to research, 80% of internet users own a smartphone, therefore such marketing involves on the strategies focused on mobile users.

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How to bring the WOW factor in Facebook Marketing Strategy?

Facebook Marketing can be done just for the sake of doing it or it can be done to bring the WOW factor in the Facebook Marketing Strategy. Every business is accustomed to Facebook Marketing Strategy and they are claiming to do it very well. Really?

You can not change the oil in your car without referring to all the step by step instructions in the manual of the car or without an expert mechanic.

To get the WOW factor in your Facebook Marketing Strategy, you require an agency expert in Facebook Marketing. The agency should understand the Facebook platform and your products or services very well. Understanding both is a must to get the best result.

Understanding of Facebook platform boils down to knowing how to launch , run and optimize advertising campaigns.

It requires understanding of  built-in tools, clarification of  goals, understanding how to measure the ad’s performance, and being prepared to test each Facebook ad several times.

Generally, Facebook marketing professionals are not able to cross 2% average CTR of retail Display Ads on Facebook. It is because they do not focus on continuous improvement on the Facebook Marketing Strategy adopted for a product or service.

Step : Testing the Water

The idea is to run different variations of the same Display Ads in one single campaign

In the first step or we can call it the first phase , there should be experimentation to split one campaign into different variations of the same Display Ads. Ideally, variations of Display Ads should be created based on visual design, target keywords, headlines, CTA elements and target demographic profiles.

The different variations of the same Display Ads should be deployed and there should be a quest for finding the highest performing ads. 

We can experiment with as many variations of the display ads as the budget permits. The process of creative content development plays a major role in this step.

Step : Focus on Audience and Reach

The idea is to identify the audience for the products or services and to increase the reach to them

We can call it the second phase or step two. Once we have zeroed down on the variation of the display ad or ads that are working on, we need to focus on demographic and increasing the reach of the ads. 

Facebook provides some of the easiest to use and best custom audience tools. These tools help marketers to freeze on specific audiences based on a wide number of variables. Following are some of these variables:

  • Who are the people visiting the website?
  • Which region do they belong to? 
  • What specific interests do they have? 
  • What is their age group and gender?
  • What is their profession?
  • What are the income levels?
  • What are their buying habits?
  • What are their spending and investing habits?

We should focus on the audience that has the need for the products or services being marketed and a purchasing power to make immediate decisions. We should also focus on increasing the geographic reach of the audience , if possible for the products or services being marketed.

Step : Focus on conversion and increasing CTR(click-through rate)

The idea is to generate as many leads and conversions as possible

We can call it the third phase or step. The website and the landing page where the users are redirected is of utmost importance in this phase. Does the website  or the landing page is doing conversion at a good rate?  This is the answer that we need to find.

Increasing the CTR should be the motto of this phase. We may require tweaking the website or the landing page at this stage to experiment with CTR. The role of offers , discounts , cashbacks and other marketing gimmicks come into picture at this stage for increasing the CTR that will generate leads or conversions.


To bring the WOW factor in the Facebook Marketing Strategy, it is required to do a lot of trials and errors with empirical data generated by Facebook while running a campaign. The insight into the data with continuous tuning of the performance of the display ads will help us to reach the best Facebook Marketing Strategy.

Author : Akhilesh Maurya

The art of lateral thinking for creative content development

Content is the reason that search engines exist

The rise of the internet has given tremendous power in the hands of businesses to attract desired eyeballs. The Internet has the capacity to make a creative content go viral within a fraction of time, something that was not possible in the pre-internet era. And, it is the quality of content whether text , media , infographics or video that attracts eyeballs. More the content is weird, funny, bold or non-conventional;  more it will spread like fire !!! 

The most important strategy of Digital Marketing is Inbound marketing that essentially means generating leads by sprinkling content among the target audience. The demand for people who can do creative content development is rising because of search engine traffic.

How do we do creative content development consistently?

We need to have new ideas consistently to do creative content development. That’s where lateral thinking comes into the picture. Lateral thinking is most important for breaking stereotypes, conventions and presumptions. It helps in creating solutions to a problem that may not be possible to solve by thinking conventionally. 

The art of lateral thinking

The term “lateral thinking” was invented by Maltese psychologist Edward de Bono.  He has authored a book “The Use of Lateral Thinking”.  It is the only lateral thinking book that must be referenced. The book gained tremendous popularity in the world in due course of time.  He has clearly distinguished in the book between critical thinking  or linear thinking and lateral thinking by giving numerous examples.   Even today, it is one of the most popular books in the world. Edward de Bono has clearly differentiated between two types of thinking, one is critical thinking or linear thinking and and another is lateral thinking. You may call critical thinking or linear thinking as logical thinking, also.  

Right from childhood, we are taught to think logically in every sphere of life. If I say, what is 2+2 ? Of course, your answer will be 4. If I ask the same question to a person who is trained in computer science, he/she may give the two valid answers as 4 and  22. 

Both people are right. The first person could not break the assumption that 2+2 can be added as a alphanumeric character or you can say, as pictures. While treating numbers as pictures or alphanumeric character the mathematical formula of number addition  does not work. The second person was able to break the presumption that 2 need not be a number only.

So we see the lateral thinking starts with breaking the presumptions. The breaking of assumptions or stereotypes is the most important part of it. There is no place for assumption in lateral thinking. It is like giving your mind a wild run with ideas without bothering about its logical validity. This is only possible while forgetting all that has been taught to us in schools and universities to think logically.

The classical 5 flower pot problem for lateral thinking

Let us start with funny lateral thinking questions. One is suppose that you have a beautiful garden. You just purchased 4 flower pots from your local nursery and a great discount offer was running in your nursery. The gardener in the nursery gave you 1 extra flower pot as a discount offer. 

Now all flower pots in your garden are nicely arranged in a logical way as per geometrical symmetry. To keep the consistency in the design , we have to arrange 5 flower pots in such a way that each and every flower pot has to be at equal distance from another. How do we do it?

The classical 5 flowerpot problem

A person who thinks only in terms of  critical, logical or so called mathematical way will try to arrange at 4 corners of a square. But what will happen to the remaining 1?

This problem seems impossible to solve. Unless you focus on the problem statement.  Nowhere, it has been mentioned in the problem statement. that all the flower pots should be in a single 2 dimensional plane. What if we arrange the remaining 5th one on top of all others as the apex of an equilateral square pyramid?. A pyramid where each and every side is of the same length. The 5th flower pot will be hanging on top of all the 4 in the 3rd dimension.

Solution for the classical 5 flowerpot problem

You see that it was assumed that all the flower pots had to be in one plane. But, the problem statement did not specify it. Did it? It it is specified ,the problem does not have any solution.

The solution was generated by removing the constraint that all 5 has to be arranged in a single 2 dimensional plane.  So you see that critical thinking or logical thinking is always restricted by assumptions, constraints and stereotypes. Generally, logical thinking is bound by a frame of constraints.

The internet is full of lateral thinking puzzles and problems. Those are very helpful to understand the functioning of our mind in the lateral thinking process. If you are interested in getting a glimpse of that , here is one link:

You are not aware that you may be doing lateral thinking unconsciously

Our human mind does not always work logically or mathematically. You may be thinking laterally sometimes, but you may not be aware of it.  Did it happen to you that in a meeting a lot of people were brainstorming, and suddenly a person came out with an out of box idea to solve the problem?  That is the instance of lateral thinking.

All the great inventors, scientists , artists , musicians and so called genius people think laterally more than logically. They first focus on the problem , and not on the solution, They first  focus on assumptions and constraints. They first focus on the totality of the problem or the context in which the problem exists. 

They focus on idea generation.  “How absurd this idea is?”, they do not focus on this. “How viable is this idea?”, they do not focus on this. “Is it possible to implement?”, they do not focus on this.  

Something that may be impossible to implement today, may not be impossible in the distant future. History is full of such instances where the ideas of genius people or lateral thinkers  were termed as absurd and they were called insane.  But still the idea was valid. And, in most cases ideas were transformed into reality in due course of time.  There is no concept of right  idea or  wrong idea in lateral thinking. An idea is an idea. There is nothing like sense or nonsense. 

The lateral thinkers try to find as many alternative ideas as possible by breaking the assumptions and stereotypes. Lateral thinking method gives a lot of alternatives and ideas that can further be worked on from a logical point of view.

What are the steps to be followed for creative content development using lateral thinking?

The first step is to generate as many alternative ideas for content as possible.

If you are working on text content, you may try to organize your idea into  story, dialogs, prose , poem or any permutation and combination of them. Focus on the words to express the ideas keeping the context of content in mind. Be original. Do not be shy to sound absurd or bold. Experiment with different synonyms, words, fables, metaphors, analogies and props for expressing the ideas. Memes are very popular nowadays to express ideas in the most funny way.

If you are working on visual content, focus on storytelling keeping the context in mind with different props, imaginary and real characters with animations, audio  sounds and colors. There is no limit to creativity as far as visual media is concerned.

The second step is to choose one or many  of them.

Now, here comes the role of critical thinking or logical thinking. Each and every idea is to be evaluated on the basis of practicality and viability to put it into action.

Following are the further steps to crystallize idea into a master piece of content:

  • Get the content with chosen ideas peer reviewed for further enhancement.
  • Revisit and keep reviewing the content over a brief period of time before making the final release.
  • If your content is promotional material or for marketing, do  a test run for a small segment of customers to measure the impact and its effect on sales. This can be done before going full monty.
  • Enrich your content with graphics, images and visual media.
  • Enrich your content with relevant quotes and references to make it more relevant.
  • Add customer testimonials, real-life stories and narratives to the content to give it authenticity, if possible.

Creative Content Development


Creative content development is not a structured process. It requires mood, music, coffee and temperament to make it happen. Sometimes you get it in an hour , but in most cases it will go through many iterations of making and breaking to see the light of the day.

So do not look for a step by step guide or manual. Start working on the ideas !

Author: Akhilesh Maurya





Top 5 website theme designs for wow experience for WordPress

Top 5 Website Theme Designs For Wow Experience For WordPress

The process of design for wow experience begins by selecting a WordPress theme that matches more than 80% UX requirement of the design project. There is no single WordPress theme that will suit all design requirements. It all depends on your nitty-gritty of business requirements. To create designs for wow experience in your web pages , it is of utmost importance to select a WordPress theme that satisfies more than 80% requirements of your UX designer. Before zeroing in on a WordPress theme design that  will create a wow experience, do not forget to get answers to the following questions:

  • Are we going to sell any products or services ?
  • Are we going to present only information like a magazine or blog?
  • What are we trying to sell ?
  • How are we going to engage with visitors?

Here are some of the best free WordPress new themes:


AVADA WordPress Theme

Avada is one of the best selling WordPress themes in the world. It is one of the premium WordPress themes available for download. Avada is a general purpose theme that can suit any design requirement to create a wow experience. Be it a simple informative website or blog, or a full-fledged high performance Ecommerce store taking thousands of orders per day, Avada can be put to task. Avada’s WordPress theme has been designed with speed and performance in mind. It is extremely optimized and provides the capacity to get excellent test scores on many devices like Google PageSpeed Insights, GTMetrix, Pingdom, as well as Website Speed Test. Some of the features of the Avada theme are as given below:

  • Drag and drop editor to make workflow easy
  • More than 80 professionally designed demos
  • Featured pack demo importer that works on click on button
  • More than 400+ pre-designed web pages
  • Unlimited layouts and designs
  • 100% SEO friendly
  • 100% responsive across devices
  • Optimized for speed and performance
  • 100% translation & RTL ready
  • Professional & world-class support

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ASTRA WordPress Theme

Astra starter themes are  super fast multipurpose  WordPress  themes that is  suitable for loading your website in a fraction of seconds in the browser.  This theme comes with multiple layout choices for normal information oriented websites as well as affiliate marketing websites. This theme is also most suitable for Woocommerce based E-commerce websites. If you want to create a wow effect in your designs , this is the second best option among WordPress themes.

It supports third-party WordPress plugins to enhance it’s functionality.

There are options to custom backgrounds and color choices. Astra is also compatible with drag-n-drop page builders like elementor to create custom designs, creating a wow effect for visitors of the website. 

It supports good practices of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). It is also fully responsive on devices of different shapes and sizes. Following are some of the salient features of the Astra WordPress theme:

  • Pre-built demo websites with pre-designed web pages
  • Customize web page designs without code
  • Supports all major page builders like elementor
  • Super fast performance
  • Layout settings
  • Header options
  • Colors & typography
  • Uses pure JavaScript for faster page loading

Buy ASTRA theme


DIVI WordPress Theme

Divi is a very well-known WordPress theme for retailers, affiliate marketers, creative agencies, and businesses. Divi theme comes with a powerful built-in page builder to customize the designs of the pages that will make your visitors say  “wow !”This theme comes with hundreds of layout packs with pre-designed page templates to work on your designs quickly. Divi theme has tons of customization options to add parallax effects, colors, animations, Google Fonts, and more.

It is very easy to configure and manage Divi theme WordPress admin. Divi theme provides user-friendly theme configuration and management options to administrators of the WordPress website.It is also fully responsive on devices of different shapes and sizes. Following are the salient features of Divi WordPress theme:

  • Drag & drop features to design your wow effect pages
  • Visual editing of pages to create wow designs
  • Custom CSS control
  • Responsive editing
  • Design options gallery
  • Inline text editing

Buy DIVI WordPress Theme


OceanWP WordPress Theme

OceanWP is a free WordPress all-purpose theme that also comes in a premium version. OceanWP is an appropriate theme to create any kind of WordPress blog or informative websites, including an affiliate marketing site. With the WooCommerce plugin, this theme can be used to create a full-fledged Ecommerce store, also.

The OceanWP theme comes with a demo content importer and dozens of pre-designed demo sites. It works seamlessly with a drag-n-drop page builder like Elementor.

It is a high-quality free WordPress theme. It is also fast loading and fully responsive on all devices of different shapes and sizes.

Affiliate Booster is a powerful WordPress theme that is ideally suitable for affiliate marketers. It comes pre-loaded with features and plugins suitable for affiliate marketing. Some of the features of the theme can be described as below:

  • Schema Optimized
  • Ultra Fast Loading
  • Easy Customization
  • Typography Control
  • Colors Control
  • 100% Gutenberg Compatible
  • 100% Mobile Responsive
  • Made for Affiliates
  • Elementor Compatible
  • 12 Homepage/Archive Layouts


GeneratePress WordPress Theme

GeneratePress is a lightweight WordPress theme. It is best generatepress theme for blogger. The core features of this WordPress theme are speed, stability and accessibility. Following are the main features of this theme:

  • Page Builder Compatibility 
  • Many Customizer Options
  • Best Support Of Any Theme
  • Extensive Documentation
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Flexible Header Options

Buy GeneratePress theme


In order to create a wow effect in your design of  web pages, make sure that you select a theme that offers a high degree of customizations.

Author: Akhilesh Maurya





Principles of Good Website Design For 2021

CMS (Content Management System) is the backbone of modern websites

A very well designed website is crucial to take your business online in this era of ecommerce. The best website designing agencies ensure that right principles are followed while providing website designing services to their customers.

One of the most important trend in website designing is using pre-designed themes and templates with CMS. Bootstrap designs, one page layouts and minimalistic designs are some of the other trends being followed now a days.

There are many content management systems (CMS) available to design a good website. Some of the popular ones are WordPress CMS, Magento for ecommerce,
Shopify for ecommerce and many more. Every CMS platform has it’s own merits and demerits.

So let us examine some of the good principles of website design for 2021 one by one:

1. Short and sweet catchy Domain name for the website

It starts with domain name selection. It should be catchy , short and sweet. It is the one of the most important factor for browsing experience of the user. Never use hyphen, dot or any special characters in the domain name.

Domain names should reflect the functionality of the website. Ideally, it should reflect the nature of the business. Generally, established organizations prefer the brands names as their domain names. If so, many subdomain names can be derived with the main domain name.

2. SEO Keyword as the domain name

It is good idea to have the main keyword as the domain name for the SERP ( Search Engine Result Page) ranking . Even a combination of your brand name and organization name can be used for domain name. Product names , service names or any combination of those can be a good candidate for short , sweet and catchy domain names.

It should not be too similar to your competitor’s domain name. It should not violate trademark and copyright laws of any country.

3. Software tools to search best domain names

Domain names are usually searched with domain name generators. Click here to view the list of Best domain name generators.

4. Engaging content as it is said that content is king for websites

The website should focus on the quality of content that is going to be presented to the users. Generally, the purpose of a good website is to promote products and services for the business. Hence, the lead generation and order processing becomes very important from business point of view. However , lead generation and order processing is not applicable for all types of websites like blog. But content is king as far as marketing and promotional activities are concerned. The initial purpose of content is to attract the eyeballs of the visitors.

5. Simple and minimalistic design with consistent layout

The layout of the website has the same importance as the floor plan of the room while doing interior designing for a room. Ask any interior designer, how much importance they give before starting their job? UI (User Interface) and UX ( User Experience) designers spend a great deal of time while fixing the layout of the website. The website layout should bind all the design elements of the website in a harmonious way. It should not clutter all the design elements , but should evenly distribute it like a good spread of butter on bread.

Also, the layout should not distort when the website is viewed on different screens of various  shapes and sizes. The layout should support all the available devices having different screen sizes. Layout should adjust itself as per the width and height of the device. It is called responsive website designing.

Nowadays , almost 70% web pages are accessed from tabs and smartphones that come in various screen sizes. Web page layout should adjust itself to any type of screen display and size. The responsive design of web pages is a key factor to make or break a web page.

Use of pre-designed themes and templates has created a revolution in website designing services. It is a good idea to start designing website with pre-built theme or template and later modifying and tweaking it to fulfill the customer’s requirement.

Pre-designed themes and templates are available as WordPress themes and templates, HTML templates, Magento templates, Shopify themes and many more. Website themes or so called templates are available for all popular CMS platforms.

6. Simple color scheme with good font for typography

Simplicity creates the highest degree of beauty. The color scheme of the website should be derived from the brand logo colors of the organization , if possible. As a general rule of thumb, two color combinations creates simple and best designs. We can call it primary color and secondary color. The primary and secondary color should be used for designing web graphic elements like labels, text, buttons, images and other design elements. The Google Fonts is one of the most important products from Google to experiment with different fonts and typography.

Since a website is treated as an interface to the organization, there should be harmony of colors among all the promotional literature e.g. visiting cards, letterheads ,product brochures, email newsletters etc. of the organization as well as the website.

7. Attractive brand logo

Designing a brand logo is an art as well as Feng shui science. A brand logo design is as important as any other element of the good website design. A logo can be a symbol, or it can be a combination of a text and symbol that radiates energy in the universe. It radiates energy to pull eyeballs. Do not underestimate this factor while understanding the principles of good website design.

There are some rule of thumbs for designing superior brand logos :

  • Follow KISS principle, Keep It Simple Stupid
  • The logo geometry should be simple, unique and should adhere to Feng shui laws.
  • Use positive symbols, never use negative symbols.
  • Never use personal images, photos, religious symbols, negative symbols.
  • Never use violent symbols.
  • Again, it is advised to use primary color and secondary color combination to create the brand logo.

8. Simpler page navigation mechanism

Have you ever wondered why all Google websites are so popular and successful ?
They follow the principle of simplicity in website designing and navigation. The principle is called KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid).

All content of the website should be accessible from the front-page of the website.There should not be hidden content giving surprises at the second or subsequent levels of pages.  If the front-page can not accommodate all the content, we can display teaser or introduction of the content at the first page and provide a link  so that more detailed content can be accessed at the second level of navigation. Do not forget to provide the back-link at the end of the content.

Never force users to use the back-link button of the browser. For textual information having many pages as content, provide buttons/links to go to any page right from 1st to last.

Never embed video in the pages without providing control to start/stop video. If the video is auto-play enabled, the stop player button should be visible to the user. Videos should be streamed from CDN (Content Delivery Network) which are readily available in the market like Vimeo. These services allow you to stream videos by embedding in the website pages. Here is a list of the best video streaming services for 2021.

Never embed audio in the web-page which starts playing automatically at loading of the page. If there is a requirement for this, the stop button should be visible to be used for stopping audio. Everybody does not adhere to the same taste of audio or music which you have.

Do not clutter the web-page with many page-links to influence judgment of the user. A common mistake done while providing social media link buttons, is all of the social media buttons are displayed as there are a fairly large number of social media channels available. Use a few which are most common and highly popular. The above are the one of the basic principles of website design.

Never embed audio in the web-page which starts playing automatically at loading of the page. If there is a requirement for this, the stop button should be visible to be used for stopping audio. Everybody does not adhere to the same taste of audio or music which you have.

Do not clutter the web-page with many page-links to influence judgment of the user. A common mistake done while providing social media link buttons, is all of the social media buttons are displayed as there are a fairly large number of social media channels available. Use a few which are most common and highly popular.

9. Use of pre-built theme and content management system

It is wise to use a content management system (CMS) or Software Framework like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, CodeIgnitor, Symphony and many others to develop the website.

The reason behind is that they offer pre-built and time tested libraries or plugins and functionalities which need not to be reinvented.

Similarly, user interface and theme management, administration dashboard management, shopping cart and other e-commerce related functionalities are standard functions in almost all websites. The coding need not be reinvented. They are readily available in most CMS and Software Frameworks. It should be extended and enhanced.

10. Clear cut brand communication

The ultimate purpose of the website is that it should communicate your brand’s vision and philosophy to visitors in the simplest form. The website acts as a magazine for an organization doing direct as well as indirect selling.
It should generate organic website traffic because of quality of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) done to it. It should communicate the information about products and services so that users are tempted to buy/subscribe to it , if it is an E-commerce website.

11. Customer acquisition or lead generation

The website should have clear “Call To Action” functionality in the form of buttons and contact forms for inquiry/purchase of the products or services. There should be an option to chat with the sales & marketing team round the clock and 365 days.

This is very important for customer acquisition or lead generation. Preferably all the leads should be collected and pushed to a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.

12. Maintaining customer relationship

There should be a “Newsletter Subscription” facility so that customers can be communicated with promotional offers and discounts , if it is an E-commerce website. Even for non E-commerce websites, newsletter is the best tool to be in touch with the website visitor or customer.

There is new trend that users of the website can instantly chat on various messaging platforms with the backend personal operating it. This is a very good trend and it helps in conversion specially for e-commerce websites. It also helps in increasing trust worthiness of the website.

13. Security and protection of customer data

The website of an organization should not collect customers or visitors personal information without prior consent. Once collected, it should protect customer’s private data and it should give guarantee for it. The customers or visitors personal information should not be shared with prior consent of customers or visitors.

If a website stores cookie information, it should briefly explain the purpose of the installation of cookies. A website should have clearly drafted privacy policy and it should be clearly visible to the user. The website should also be GDPR compliant to meet the EU (European Union) requirements.


So, summarizing the above discussion following are the principles of good website design for 2021:

  • Short and sweet catchy Domain name for the website
  • SEO Keyword as the domain name
  • Engaging content as it is said that content is king for websites
  • Simple and minimalistic design with consistent layout
  • Simple color scheme with good font for typography
  • Attractive brand logo
  • Simpler page navigation mechanism
  • Use of pre-built theme and content management system
  • Clear cut brand communication
  • Customer acquisition or lead generation
  • Maintaining customer relationship
  • Security and protection of customer data

Author: Akhilesh Maurya

How to use quora to promote your brand?

What is Quora?

If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, you can not ignore Quora. It is a perfect social media platform to take your business online. Quora will help you to promote your products & services at the lowest cost possible. Because it is an online question and answer platform driven by golden rules of  “content marketing” philosophy. Quora offers features to generate leads online for a product or service by asking questions. The brand people can advertise by asking relevant questions about their products and services. They can also generate content about their products and services by answering relevant questions.

There are features to add images, infographics, external links & references along with visual media. It is a social media platform driven by inbound marketing principles where good content is king.

How does Quora help to promote your products and services?

Quora offers opportunities for business communities and brands to do :

  • Market research for their products and services by gauging consumer sentiment
  • Understanding the unique selling point (USP)  of  products and services by real consumer feedback
  • Understanding the brand image of existing products  and services by interacting with existing customers of products and services
  • Understanding consumer psyche and behavior for existing products and services
  • Solving customer complaints and grievances
  • Competitive analysis of rival products/services

What are the advantages of Quora’s marketing strategy?

Quora is driven by quality content and quality content is the heart of digital marketing. We all know that “content is king”. The impact of answers given on Quora by business owners regarding their products and services is huge. Some points to be considered are as given below:

  • The content in the form of questions and answers remains trending at the top for a long period of time. Because Quora content or answers can have images, text, videos as well as links to other websites. It can also have links to the brand website or to the online store. Hence, it directly helps in lead generation for relevant products or services.
  • The answers having a lot of reviews or  “upvotes” along with positive comments serve as good quality content for generating inbound leads and website traffic.
  • The users giving negative comments or feedback can be treated as grieving customers. Their queries and pain-point can be addressed on the spot by replying to them.
  • It is possible to redirect the customer’s attention to the website of the concerned product or service by specifying website links.
  • The content provides a source of good inbound traffic for websites or blogs dealing with the concerned products or services.
  • It also provides a full-text-based search on any topic. If questions and answers are present as per the relevant topic searched, it presents results in the format as per other search engines.
  • It has the facility to create blogs where promotional content can be generated for products or services.
  • The questions and answers or the content of Quora can be shared on other social media platforms as it provides question and answer sharing features.
  • Some of the best answers on Quora are shared very often on other social media platforms.
  • It has the facility to create spaces or so-called “Quora spaces”. Again, it can be related to any topic or product, or service of an enterprise.


It may seem that Facebook has more active users spread across geographic locations in the world with much higher traffic,  but Quora‘s marketing strategy gives a better Return On Investment (ROI) with content marketing in long run.

It is better than Facebook and other social media marketing platforms for a long-term marketing strategy with inbound content marketing.

Author: Akhilesh Maurya