Top Websites Where You Can Buy Landing Pages

There are several websites where you can buy landing pages, and the best one for you will depend on your specific needs and budget. Here are some popular options:

ThemeForest: ThemeForest is a marketplace for website themes and templates, including landing pages. You can buy landing pages from ThemeForest at discounted rates. It has a wide selection of landing page templates available for purchase, with prices ranging from around $5 to $50. Here are some popular landing page templates on Themeforest:

  • LeadGen – Multipurpose Marketing Landing Page Pack
  • LandX – Multipurpose Bootstrap 4 Landing Page
  • Avada – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme
  • Salient – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme
  • BeTheme – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
  • X | The Theme
  • Jupiter – Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme
  • Flatsome | Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme
  • Bridge – Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme
  • The7 — Multi-Purpose Website Building Toolkit for WordPress

There are several advantages, if you buy landing pages from Themeforest:

  • Wide selection  Themeforest offers a vast selection of themes for various types of websites, including blogs, portfolios, e-commerce sites, and more. This means you’re more likely to find a theme that fits your needs.
  • Quality assurance All themes sold on Themeforest undergo a review process to ensure they meet certain quality standards. This can give you confidence that the theme you’re buying is well-designed and functional.
  • Support and documentation Most Themeforest themes come with detailed documentation and support from the author. This can be helpful if you run into issues or have questions about how to customise the theme.
  • Affordable pricing Themeforest offers themes at a range of prices, including many affordable options. This can be especially useful for smaller businesses or individuals who don’t have a large budget for website design.
  • Regular updates Themeforest authors are typically committed to keeping their themes up-to-date with the latest design trends and technologies. This means you can expect regular updates that improve the functionality and user experience of your website.

Remember, the “best” template depends on your specific needs and preferences. Before purchasing a template, make sure to read the reviews and check if the template meets all your requirements.

Unbounce: Unbounce is a popular landing page builder that also offers a selection of pre-made landing page templates that you can purchase. Prices range from $79 to $399 per template, depending on the features and level of customization. Ubounce offers free trial before you buy landing pages.

Leadpages: Leadpages is another popular landing page builder that offers a variety of pre-designed templates for purchase. Prices start at $27 per month for access to the templates and landing page builder. Leadpages offer free trial facility before you buy landing pages from them. Here are some of the popular and best landing page templates available on Leadpages:

There are several advantages, if you buy landing pages templates from Leadpages:

  • Easy to use Leadpages templates are designed to be user-friendly and easy to customise, even for those without coding experience. This can save you time and effort in setting up your website or landing page.
  • Mobile-responsive All Leadpages templates are mobile-responsive, meaning they are optimised to display correctly on any device, including smartphones and tablets. This is important for ensuring a positive user experience and improving your website’s search engine ranking.
  • Built-in features Leadpages templates come with built-in features like opt-in forms, countdown timers, and social sharing buttons. These features can help you improve conversions and drive more traffic to your website.
  • A/B testing Leadpages allows you to run A/B tests on your templates to see which version performs better. This can help you optimise your website for maximum conversions.
  • Integration with third-party tools Leadpages integrates with a wide range of third-party tools, including email marketing platforms, CRM software, and payment gateways. This can help you streamline your workflow and automate certain tasks.

ClickFunnels: ClickFunnels is a comprehensive sales funnel builder that also offers a variety of pre-designed landing page templates for purchase. Prices range from $97 to $297 per month, depending on the features and level of customization.

Instapage: Instapage is a landing page builder that also offers a selection of pre-made landing page templates for purchase. Prices range from $29 to $149 per month, depending on the features and level of customisation.

If you want to buy landing pages template for email marketing, please click below link:

Best responsive email template designs for wow customer experience

Tips and Tricks For Facebook Marketing For Beginners

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world, with over 2.7 billion monthly active users. For businesses, this presents a huge opportunity to reach a large audience and promote their products or services. In this essay, we will discuss Facebook marketing for beginners and how businesses can leverage this platform to grow their online presence.

  1. Creating a Facebook Page The first step to Facebook marketing is to create a Facebook Page for your business. This is a free and easy process that can be done in just a few minutes. Your Facebook Page will serve as the hub for your business on Facebook, and will be where you share content, engage with customers, and run ads. When creating your Page, be sure to include all of the important information about your business, such as your website, contact information, and a description of your products or services.
  2. Building a Following Once you have created your Facebook Page, the next step is to start building a following. This can be done by sharing engaging content that resonates with your target audience. Some examples of content that you can share include blog posts, images, videos, and info graphics. It’s important to keep in mind that the goal of your content should be to provide value to your audience, rather than just promoting your products or services.

You can also invite your existing customers to like your Facebook Page and encourage them to share your content with their friends and family. Additionally, you can use Facebook’s advertising tools to target specific demographics and interests to reach a wider audience.

  1. Engaging with Your Audience Engaging with your audience is an important part of Facebook marketing. This can be done by responding to comments and messages, asking questions, and encouraging discussions. By engaging with your audience, you will build trust and establish a relationship with them. This can lead to increased loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals.
  2. Running Facebook Ads Facebook Ads are a powerful tool for businesses to reach a targeted audience and promote their products or services. There are a variety of ad formats available, including image ads, video ads, carousel ads, and more. You can also choose from a variety of targeting options, such as demographics, interests, behaviours, and more. This allows you to reach the people who are most likely to be interested in your business.

When creating Facebook Ads, it’s important to have a clear objective in mind, such as driving website traffic, generating leads, or increasing sales. You should also create compelling ad copy and imagery that will grab the attention of your target audience.

  1. Analysing Your Results Finally, it’s important to analyse your Facebook marketing efforts to determine what is working and what isn’t. Facebook provides a variety of analytics tools that allow you to track metrics such as engagement, reach, and conversions. By analysing your results, you can make data-driven decisions about how to improve your Facebook marketing strategy.

In conclusion, Facebook marketing can be a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. By creating a Facebook Page, building a following, engaging with your audience, running Facebook Ads, and analysing your results, you can leverage this platform to grow your online presence and reach a larger audience. With a little bit of effort and some experimentation, businesses can achieve great results from their Facebook marketing efforts.

Download Cold Calling Scripts For Insurance Agents PDF

Here’s a sample cold calling script for insurance agents:

Hello, my name is [Your Name] and I’m calling from [Insurance Company Name]. Am I speaking with [Prospect Name]?

Qualify the prospect
Great, thanks for taking my call. I’m calling today because I noticed that you currently don’t have [Type of Insurance] coverage with us. I wanted to see if we can offer you a quote and provide you with some information that may be helpful to you.

Interest Check
Would it be okay if I ask you a few quick questions to help us better understand your insurance needs?

Build Rapport and Trust
Great, thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to speak with me. So tell me, how did you hear about us?

Ask about their insurance needs
I see, thanks for sharing that. Based on what you’ve shared with me, I think we may have some options that could work well for you. Can you tell me a little more about your current insurance coverage and what type of coverage you are looking for?

Present the benefits of the insurance
Thanks for sharing that with me. I’d like to share with you a little bit more about our insurance offerings and how they can benefit you. [Give a brief overview of the benefits of the insurance].

Close the sale
So, based on what we’ve discussed, would you like me to provide you with a quote and some more information?

Address any objections
I understand that making a decision like this can take some time, but I think it’s important to make sure you have the right coverage in place. Is there anything holding you back from moving forward with a quote today?

Follow up
Great, I’ll get some information together and send it to you as soon as possible. Is email the best way to reach you?

Thank you for your time and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Download Telemarketing Script Sample PDF

Here’s an example of a detailed telemarketing script sample:


Hello, may I speak with [First name] please? My name is [Your name] and I’m calling from [Company name]. We help businesses like yours [Briefly explain what your company does and how it helps businesses].

Confirming Interest:

The reason for my call today is to find out if you might be interested in learning more about how our products/services could benefit your business?

[If the answer is yes, proceed to the next step, if not, thank them for their time and end the call].

Qualifying the Prospect:

Great! Could you tell me a little bit about your business, and how we might be able to help you? [Listen carefully and take notes about their business needs, challenges, goals, etc.]

Based on what you’ve told me, it sounds like our products/services would be a great fit for your business. [Explain in detail how your products/services can help them solve their challenges, achieve their goals, etc.]

Overcoming Objections:

[If the prospect raises an objection, address it directly and offer a solution that addresses their concerns].

For example, if the prospect says, “We don’t have the budget for this,” you could respond with, “I understand that budget can be a concern. However, our products/services are designed to help businesses like yours increase efficiency and productivity, which can ultimately save you money in the long run. Would you be interested in learning more about our pricing options?”

Closing the Sale:

Great! So, based on our conversation, it sounds like our products/services could really benefit your business. [Reiterate the key benefits of your products/services that the prospect expressed interest in].

We’d love to help you get started right away. [Offer a specific call-to-action, such as scheduling a demo, a free trial, or a consultation].

If the prospect agrees, collect their contact information and schedule the next step.


Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today, [First name]. We really appreciate your interest in our products/services.

[If the prospect doesn’t agree to the call-to-action, you can offer to follow-up with them at a later time or date, and make sure to note that in your CRM or follow-up system].


Thank you again for your time and have a great day!

How can we make money online with affiliate marketing?

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Affiliate marketing is one of the popular online money-making techniques. Many content creators use Affiliate marketing to make money online from their published content. Bloggers, influencers, You Tubers, and Social media content creators all are leveraging the benefits of affiliate marketing to add extra money to their pockets.

As per some estimation, Affiliate marketing will be worth around $12 billion in 2022, where the US alone accounts for more than $8.2 billion in affiliate sales.

The digital world has opened the boundaries for content creators. Today, you can work remotely and generate good returns simply by operating from home. The scope of generating huge returns from affiliate marketing is very high. So, if you are planning to be a full-time affiliate marketer, then it is the right time to dive into the ocean.

People are working from home and looking for products online. It is easy to reach these buyers online because today, people are comfortable buying products online and getting them delivered to their doorstep. Influence them with the quality content and direct them to the affiliate page where they can either buy the product directly from your site or visit the referral link.

Ultimately, the number of sales you bring for the organisation will decide how much money you will take home from your affiliate marketing campaign. A strategic approach is needed to achieve success in the world of affiliates.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the oldest method of promoting products through influencers. Product selling companies provide an affiliate link to their partners. Every affiliate link consists of a user id, tracking data, and essential information that helps the organisation identify users who brought the sales.

Affiliate marketing is the cheapest method to drive potential customers to the web portal. For every product sold through the affiliate link, the users who hold the affiliate link receive a fixed percentage. Also, the users participating in the affiliate program receive an excellent return per sale, creating a win-win situation for both parties. Affiliate marketer works as an expert in driving traffic. Different marketing techniques are used to promote these products. Users with a stronghold in generating traffic can become affiliates and earn huge returns from the process. Affiliate marketers are building the bridge between interested buyers and sellers.

Content marketing is used to educate the users, and once the user is convinced, the user will decide to buy the product from the recommended source. Once the product is sold, the affiliate marketer receives his commission. You can find list for great tips for content development for social media here.

These happen autonomously through the back end system specially designed for affiliate marketing. The partners can track their commission through the personalised affiliate system. Data will show how your content is promoted, the number of clicks received, and the product sold. Use the statistic to plan the future campaign and earn more from your content marketing efforts.

Type of affiliate marketing programs

Companies decide the type of affiliate marketing program for their partners. Majorly the type is determined based on the product or services the company is selling in the market. For example, the shoe selling company would prefer partners to bring more product sales.

Before you start promoting affiliate links to make money online, ensure you understand the type of affiliate. After every successful sale, the user receives fix commission. In contrast, some brands prefer affiliate marketing to generate visitors. It will offer you a Pay Per Click or Pay Per Thousand Impressions campaign.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Affiliate marketers get paid for the number of clicks the link has received during the set period. The visitors who click the link are directed to the company product page. The company sets the price per click. Revenue per click is added immediately to your account.

Pay Per Sale (PPS)

In this category of affiliate links, the partners get paid for every successful payment from the buyers. A marketing company will pay fix percentage per sale.

Pay Per Lead (PPL)

The PPL is part of the lead generation program. The advertiser pays you per lead generated through the affiliate link. Visitors who provide contact details with needed information is counted as a lead.

Tips to make money online from affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing needs proper planning and speedy execution to make money online. The content you produce to promote third-party brands should be well thought out. Affiliate marketing is a highly competitive industry. Content creators are using these methods to generate passive income. You have to be quick and updated about the new changes in the industry to be successful in affiliate marketing.

Choose product wisely to make money online

The first step in running a successful affiliate marketing program is selecting the product. Choose a product that you know very well. If you do not know anything about the product, it will be challenging for you to promote the product. Eventually, you have to become experts in the industry.

People only visit your content if you demonstrate your expertise. After that, when you recommend the users the product and ask them to buy from the affiliate link, they will be encouraged.

Be Patient in order to make money online

Affiliate marketing to make money online is not for the people who cannot wait for the money to flow. It’s a long-term strategy and needs more work to develop a strong base. Affiliate marketing works when you put effort into producing good content. So be patient when promoting the product through your channel. People will appreciate it when you help them with the relevant information and use your affiliate link to buy the product from the recommended site.

Targeted traffic

The biggest mistake people make when becoming an affiliate marketer to make money online is focusing on a broader audience and trying to sell the product to everyone. You must understand that users visiting your affiliate site may not need the product. So sending them to the third-party website would not help generate a conversion. If no product is sold, the affiliate marketing efforts is failed.

It is advisable to focus on the targeted traffic. If you are promoting speakers, then target users looking for advice on selecting the right speakers for their needs. They are the perfect audience to influence because the users searching for the speakers will buy the product.

In Summery

Affiliate marketing has great potential to become a long-term passive income source. Strategic planning, creative content, and unique marketing tactics would help you generate a positive return from your efforts.

If it is done correctly, you will experience a consistent flow of revenue, needing to spend more time on marketing. So put your energy in the right direction and get the ship moving.

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Top 5 free wordpress blog themes for 2022

What are the free WordPress blog themes and what are the paid WordPress blog themes?

Free WordPress blog themes for writing blogs are those themes that are available completely free to download with all fully functional features. Contrary to this, paid WordPress blog themes provide some basic features free and to activate all features of the theme, it needs to be purchased. Paid WordPress blog themes are generally available in FREE and PRO versions where PRO versions are paid versions. Please follow this link to know more about Top 5 website theme designs for wow experience for WordPress – Designs Wow !

Bloggers  face a major problem as to choice of theme once they have zeroed down on WordPress as the platform of choice for their blogging journey. Please note that WordPress blog themes can also be used for ecommerce store fronts by installing additional WooCommerce and other plugins.

Some bloggers use Google Blogging platform blogspot for blogging. Blogspot blogging platform comes with it’s own themes and the structure of the theme files is different than the WordPress theme files. You can find a good comparison between these two platforms here:

Bloggers who work for brands to promote them through their blogs, also need to choose among free WordPress blog themes to match the brand’s sense of colour scheme and aspirations. Blogging for brands requires much trial and error and customer feedback for WordPress blog themes selection.

The importance of blogging for personal branding is increasing day by day.The blogging for personal branding and social media marketing has been adopted by professionals from all walks of life.  

In this article, you will be able to download free WordPress blog themes for most of the domains such as writing, lifestyle blogging, food blogging, travel and adventure blogging, travel and adventure blogging and photography and designs.

Why is it advisable sometimes to use free WordPress blog themes?

There are many reasons to use free wordpress blog themes:

Cost saving with free WordPress blog theme

The foremost important reason is to save on the initial cost of setting up a blog. Let us understand that blogging is a long term journey. It takes a considerable period of time and sometimes in years before a blog attracts a decent amount of web traffic. The amount of web traffic attracted by a blog is directtly proportional to the quality of creattive content development and wow design. 

Focus on creative content development

The second most important reason to download free WordPress blog themes is that a blogger should focus more on creative content development for the blog and not about technical details of layout , colour and look and feel of the blog. These technical details can be very well managed with free WordPress blog themes.

Experiment with blog user interface (UI)

The third important aspect is that since there are many free WordPress blog themes available for download , it is easy to experiment with the user interface (UI) of the blog to check what is working for attracting web traffic. It is easy to experiment with the user interface (UI) of the blog by installing multiple themes and switching among them.

Since now free WordPress blog themes are available for almost any domain, bloggers can focus on creative content development and relevant social media content developmet.

What are the criteria for choosing the best free wordpress blog themes in 2022?


Go WordPress blog theme
Go WordPress blog theme


It is a blog theme with minimum design elements. The focus is on making the theme simple and lightweight so that it will help in Google AdSense. Another key feature is the typography for focusing on creative content development for social media marketing. It is the best WordPress blog theme for adsense.

Following are the features of Go WordPress themes:

  • Responsive Layout
  • Customise Colours
  • Customise Fonts
  • Multiple Design Styles
  • Multiple Header Variations
  • Multiple Footer Variations
  • Social Links Menu
  • WooCommerce-Ready
  • Available in 27 Languages
  • RTL Language Support

Click here to download Go WordPress theme


Writee WordPress blog theme
Writee WordPress blog theme


Writee is an elegant WordPress blog theme and best suitable for personal, food, travel, fashion and corporate blogs.  It is fully responsive and mobile friendly.

The most important aspect of this theme is that it is translation ready and supports Arabic,German,Spanish,French, Italian and Russian languages. This is the ideal theme for those who want to create a multilingual blog with focus on creative content development. It is the best WordPress blog theme for writers.

Click here to download Writee WordPress theme


Otography WordPress blog theme
Otography WordPress blog theme


Otography WordPress theme is a minimal, elegant, clean, modern and bold WordPress theme.  It is ideally suitable for blogging for photographers, photo studios, wedding photographers, wildlife,  portfolio, technology, graphic designers, personal portfolio, agency, magazines and event decorators. Since this theme is having main focus on image display,

It can very well be used by travel and adventure bloggers as well as lifestyle, food and design bloggers.It is responsive and  cross-browser compatible theme with SEO ready features. It also supports RTL letters.

Click here to download Otography WordPress Theme

Queens Magazine Blog

Queens Magazine Blog WordPress Theme
Queens Magazine Blog WordPress Theme


Queens magazine blog is an utmost user friendly WordPress blog theme ideally for magazines and news industry. It is a fully responsive WordPress theme that comes with three columns, three sections including most recent, most comments and recent update post sections.

It provides 4 sidebars and 3 footer sidebars facility as default. There are options to change colour settings for site title, tagline and theme colour.

There are also options to create video posts thus showing video thumbnails as it caters to the news and magazine industry. It provides facility to embed, iframe, youtube and video tag for this. 

A PRO version of this theme is also available that comes with optimised fonts, colours and more widgets.

Click here to download Queens Magazine Blog WordPress Theme


Vogue WordPress blog theme
Vogue WordPress blog theme


Vogue is an easy to use WordPress theme built with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) settings. It is fully responsive and fast loading thereby making it one of the best wordpress themes for adsense. It is ideally suitable for setting up an E-commerce store with quick Google SERP ranking.

It offers multiple header layouts and custom WooCommerce design. There are facilities for  multiple footer layouts, multiple blog layouts and a bunch of extra layout customization with full colour settings. 

Vogue WordPress theme is  very extensible for developers to  customise because it supports popular page builders such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, Divi, SiteOrigin and other top free plugins.

View the Vogue Demo –

Click here to download Vogue WordPress Theme


  • While choosing to download free WordPress blog themes, it is advisable to keep following points in mind:
  • It should have minimalistic and simple design in order to load faster. It helps in Google Adsense and Google Serach Ranking.
  • It should have customizable layout facility with header, footer, sidebar and column layout features.
  • It should have option to configure typography with differnet fonts in a best way.
  • It should have customizable colors and site title,logo, slogan facilities.
  • It should support social media widgets in order to increase followers and promote sharing.
  • It should have multi-lingual support.

Best responsive email template designs for wow customer experience

Responsive Email Template DesignsEmail marketing has been the top of the chart strategy when it comes to driving customers. Online businesses rely on email communication and building awareness in the target audience. Without the use of email marketing, it would be challenging to influence people. Thus, implementing an email marketing strategy is vital for every online business. Email marketing seems easy, but it needs proper planning. Most importantly, the selection of the responsive email template design in html plays a crucial role in the conversion.

Today, the majority of users prefer accessing their emails on smartphone devices. If you want to tap these users, you must have a mobile-friendly responsive email template design. Email that looks awful or opens in broken HTML files is ignored by your users instantly. You have only a few seconds to grab the attention of the users. A responsive email template design is a solution to your email marketing needs. We have listed the top 5 responsive email marketing template designs that would make your email fly without any hurdle and influence your users.

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Freshto Responsive Email Template Design

Feshto - Fashion Email Set

Feshto – Fashion Email Set comes with a responsive html template design. A minimal design puts the focus on the essential element. It is suitable for many purposes and comes with an easy-to-edit template. Change the images, text, and responsive template is ready to send to your customers. 

A template is optimised for all screen sizes and mobile devices. It quickly gets adapted to the new screen size whether the user is browsing the template from a mobile device or web browser. The downloadable package contains a PSD file with the HTML source code. Use the PSD to customise the design according to your need and implement the desired code to the HTML source file.

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Olivia Responsive Email Template Design

Olivia - E-commerce Responsive Email TemplateOlivia – E-commerce Responsive Email Template a responsive eCommerce email template. The package contains 13 modules designed ready to use.  Built with the trendy design concept, minimalist coding, and compatibility to all devices, mobile, and desktop, makes it the perfect email template for all kinds of needs.


  • Support for all kinds of email marketing tools.
  • Easy integration and customization are possible.
  • Minified version of the HTML and CSS files to reduce the code length.
  • Background image support for the outlook.
  • No need to write a single code to use the template. Change the text, images, and you are ready to send the template to your customers.

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Cindrella Responsive Email Template Design

Cinderella - Ecommerce Responsive Email Template

Cinderella – Ecommerce Responsive Email Template is an eCommerce template is designed to meet your customer’s expectations. List down your premium product in the email with the link to the product page. Startup and established companies could use the modular email template to send the newsletter to their customers. The modern and easy-to-customise design makes it a perfect solution to your email marketing needs. 

A template is compatible with Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Hubspot, and many other email service provider software companies. All the features you see in the demo version are available in the file. No need to code or make any changes to the file. Add the text, replace the images, link your product and your email newsletter is ready to fly.

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Simpli Responsive Email Template Design

Simpli - Notification and Transactional Email TemplatesSimpli – Notification and Transactional Email Templates is for customer communication at every stage. When a product is sold, delivered, or even the monthly update of the user’s activities should be informed to the client through email messages. The notification and transactional email template make it possible to interact with your customers effectively. 

The template package contains emails for a welcome message, email verification, Invitation message, event, feedback, emoji, redeem and order, Unsubscribe, forget the password, code activation, dashboard communication, message alert, team members default message, contact us page response, etc. Integrate the template and make all your communication professional. Present yourself as a brand that delivers good services to the client and cares about their interest.

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Shopon Responsive Email Template Design


Shopon - Newsletter Template for Ecommerce Websites + Stampready Builder

Shopon – Newsletter Template for Ecommerce Websites + Stampready Builder is for delighting your customer. A responsive layout automatically adjusts according to the screen size on Smartphone devices and web browsers, offering a pleasing experience to your viewers.  Broken HTML and design would give an awful experience to your customer; therefore, you should not compromise on the quality for the quantity.

Use the Passion email template to engage your customer and get them on board to purchase your products or services. Easy to integrate layout comes with the modular design. You can change elements from the template without disturbing the essence of the template. Compatible with all kinds of devices and web browsers, it is easy to navigate while reading the content on various devices. Integrate into popular email service providers such as MailChimp and monitor the real-time results of customer response to your template.

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Summary of Responsive Email Template Designs

Email template design makes a big difference in converting your readers into a customer. Once the email is delivered to the customer, you cannot control how the users will comprehend the email. Also, a wide range of devices is available where they can be browsed. Hence, while developing the email template, the developer considers all of these factors and ensures the best experience. 

Mobile devices are limited to the space when it comes to showcasing information through email templates. It reduces the scope to place more information in the email template. Additionally, the mobile device’s attention span is much less than the desktop computer because users generally browse content on the mobile while on the go. So they will be interacting with several other things while they are checking their emails. 

Email developers tackle this problem with a simple but elegant design that grabs the attention of the users as soon as the user opens the template. The content hits the client immediately when it is first looked. Combining the images and content creates a perfect recipe to engage the users and make them buy products. 

The above listed email templates are designed to keep all the above thoughts in mind. It will boost your conversion and allow you to bring new customers to your store. Download these templates today and start influencing your target audience.

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10 Tips for Creative Content Development for Social Media Marketing

By now, social media marketing has got a plethora of hands-on experience. The fluctuating algorithms of social platforms make it a burdensome job for creators to keep the audience always engaged. However, if you comprehend the basics of creative content development for social media marketing, then effectiveness and audience come thereby. Creating influencing content can be time-consuming or competitive, but it is all worth it when you ideally add value to the customers of your business with it. That’s why a proper guidance with tips for creative content development for social media marketing are needed from experts who know the subject.

To overcome the hurdles of content creation for social media marketing, here I present how you can get successful in producing contagious content that gets shared among internet users. 

Firstly, let’s have a conversation about the backstory of social media marketing. 

Why do users share a particular content? 

Behind every share of your content writing for social media marketing, there lies a motivation that convinces the user to do so. According to the varied research about the same, professionals analyzed that many psychological triggers make the people share content. 

A few of those are listed below. Read these before you go for creative content  development for online education or any other niche. 


Who does not love to get positive feedback? Everyone does. People seek acceptance from their acquaintances as sharing content these days says a lot about their personality. 


To nurture their relationship with others, people these days take the help of digital content to stay connected being social. 


Another reason behind the sharing of social media content can be the support of an idea, a political viewpoint, or a spiritual belief.


Lastly, but most importantly, people share content to entertain others or themselves. 

Tips for Creative Content Development For Social Media Marketing

Quality is the key 

Investing time in research is the secret to creative content development for education, travel, fitness, or another niche. Focusing on superficial topics cannot get anybody’s audience therefore; one needs to make the content engaging and interesting. 

 Developing content is a time-consuming task, but a little professional help can sort the way for you. Thus, you need to know that the most important things to consider while creating content include analyzing headlines and choosing the most relevant topic for any niche. Keep the content short and crisp rather than extending it too long for nothing. 

The structure should be smart

Creating a wall of text will surely be a turndown for the readers. Most internet users are always in a hurry to read specific content; thus formatting your content is essential. Use numbered lists, headers, bullet points, or anything else that can highlight the most key information from your article, blog, or post, especially when you are into creative content development for EdTech.  

Value addition is a must

It is good to create informative content, but it is equally important for you to ensure your content is benefitting the audience. In creative content development for social media marketing, one cannot ignore that content should be designed to overcome the problems of people. In exchange for helping people with content, you will be doing self-help too. It will bring you brand loyalty along with a lot of repetitive customers. As long as your content is helping people, it passes around effortlessly. 

The audience is the main focus

Thinking about the audience is the most primitive point to be noted. Before sharing or creating the content, you should have enough knowledge about your audience’s likes. Audience polls have always been the easiest method. It will not only help you to generate comments but initiate debates about agreements and disagreements. With this, you will get to know what your audience wishes to have. 

Infographics shouldn’t be ignored

Infographics help people get information in the easiest way possible. Being available in the images helps the internet users in understanding the concepts. Moreover, people generally share visual content more on social media than text files. Use apt tools for creating infographics if you cannot afford a graphics designer to create top-notch quality infographics. In this, you can include business data with the help of expertise, making it more valuable for your audience. Especially, if you are seeking to get an expert in creative content development for education, sharing institution or website pamphlets is a tremendously upright way to go.  

Emotions are soft targets

In most of the successful campaigns run for social media marketing, researchers witness strong emotional reactions among the audience. According to various studies, emotions like sorrow, anger, and happiness are quite powerful in engaging people and convincing them to share the content digitally. Use narrative, user as well as art engagement to intensify public safety campaigns. Whenever you feel there is an opportunity to contribute, do not pull your feet back. For instance, if you want creative content development for online education, point out how online education can bring benefits to them. It will trigger the emotions of people that lead to engagement. 

Old is gold

We all are aware of the phrase “Old is Gold”. Considering the same, it is essential to know that users love to share the content that takes them back to old times. Once you analyze your audience, target the things that can be appealing to them. Also, pay attention to the response so that you can plan your next step accordingly. Insincerity can be highly dangerous here, so try to avoid it if you want to get successful in creative content development.

Bonus Tips For Creative Content Development For Social Media Marketing

Offer freebies to people. The giveaway contests or random lucky draw contests can be beneficial here. Use trendy topics in the creation of shareable content to get affirmative responses from people.

Add fun factors to your content to make it as engaging as you can. Only the business needs to be positive. However, the content doesn’t necessarily need to be. 

The most dominating form of social media marketing is videos to keep people engaged. 

Summary of Tips For Creative Content Development For Social Media Marketing

Make it interesting if you want your content to be a master of your social media marketing. Go on and begin with it. 
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Top 5 TVS Scooty

TVS Scooty Jupiter Model

TVS Scooty is one of the largest Indian scooter brands manufactured by TVS Motors. Women are mostly attracted to these types of models. However, in recent years men are also quite attracted to recent models. It was the largest selling brand in the year 2009. They sold about 25,000 units in a month.

TVS had aimed most of its models for both sexes. However when they saw most of its customers were women, they changed their strategy. In the last few decades, they have launched a lot of top-quality models. This has helped them increase their sales in recent years. We are going to discuss the five best models of TVs launched over the years.

Types of Scooty

1. TVS Jupiter

It is the best model released by TVs in the last couple of decades. This model has been the best-selling model for almost a decade. The model was launched in 2013. It was launched to be the rival of one of the best Honda’s Activa.

Jupiter has a single-cylinder, four strokes, and a 110 cc engine. It delivers a power of 5.88 kW(7.88 bhp) with a rotation of  7500 rpm. The model has a pickup of 60 km/hour in 11.2 seconds. The price of the model ranges from INR 65,673 to INR 75,773 for most models.

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2. TVS Zest 110

TVS Zest is one of the best models released by TVs. This model has many good features and is only second to Jupiter.

TVS Scooty Zest Model

The model has an engine capacity of 109.7 CC. It has a mileage of around 62km/L. However, the model’s average on a crowded speed is less. Zest also has a fuel tank capacity of 5 liters. The design is kind of quirky and has a long headlamp.`

Exterior Details and Features

The Scooty has an overall length of 1770 mm and a width of 650 mm. The weight is approximately 97kg and the ground clearance is 150 mm.  This model’s speedometer is analog and so are the fuel gauge and odometer.

The Scooty also has an added halogen bulb and a headlamp with an LED DRL right. The price range of the model is from INR 61,322 – INR 62,734.

3. TVS Pep Plus

This pep plus has been a recent addition in the market by TVs. The Scooty is highly adorable. It also is highly petite and has a very high longevity. The Scooty has an engine of about 87.8cc. It also has a single-cylinder engine.

TVS Scooty Pep Plus Model

The model has a horsepower of 5.43 PS and a torque of 6.5 Nm. It also has a frame equipped with a telescopic fork and a mono-shock. TVS Pep plus runs on 10-inch wheels with drum brakes.

Design and Features

TVS pep has a small supper and has quite attractive compact proportions. They have a halogen lightning and analog console on both variants and small LED DRL lights. The price range of this model starts from INR 54,907 and lasts till INR 57,357.

4. TVS NTORQ 125

TVS NTORQ 125 is one of the best productions by TVS in the year 2021. This model has a single cylinder and four strokes engine. It delivers a power of 6.9 KW and power of around 7500 rpm. The scooter delivers a pickup of 0-60 km/hour in 6.5 seconds. It reaches a top speed of about 100 km/hr.

TVS Scooty NTORQ 125 Model

It has a Bluetooth-connected speedometer. This consists of a navigation assistant, caller ID, top-speed recorder, in-built lamp timer, and service reminder. It also has an engine kill switch and stealth-inspired style. The price of the scooty is in the range of around INR 74,000.

5. TVS iQube Electric

TVS iQube Electric has been the major development in the Scooty industry in the last couple of years. The model is on par with other 125 cc engines. The electric scooter has all the recent features. From the likes of an all-LED lighting system, a TFT instrument cluster, and also smart phone connectivity.

TVS iQube Electric Model


It has an electric hub motor of 4.4 KW. And also produces a torque of about 140 Nm. It has a top speed of 78 km/hour and achieves a speed of about 0-40 km/hour in about 4.2 seconds. It has telescopic forks and twin shock absorbers. It has a 12-inch alloy wheel suspension and weighs about 118 kg. The price of the model is about INR 1,00,000


TVS has produced a lot of great scooter of the past few years. These models over the years have been one of the most attractive models of TVS and one of the reasons they have been one of the largest Scooty sellers in the industry. With the recent development in the field, TVs can be expected to bring out some new models especially in the field of electric Scooty, and remain one of the biggest manufactures in India. It has a great future so make sure you guys keep an eye on it.

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Digital Marketing For Beginners

If anyone possesses a business then they should have the knowledge of the online business. Nowadays with the rise of eCommerce, it is evident that the number of online shoppers worldwide rises along with it. Consumers make their buying decisions by first analyzing their options of buying the product through search engines, websites and reading customer reviews. And the people prefer not only exploring their options but also having the option for home delivery because it is convenient for consumers.

So, how can one make money from the eCommerce industry? The word “Digital Marketing” can solve all your queries.

Through digital marketing, producers can promote their brands to connect with their potential buyers using the internet. This has many advantages first – it is less expensive than conventional marketing, second – it is an easy method to reach new and existing customers with less money. If whoever is reading wants to change their business from traditional marketing to digital marketing this article is very helpful to you. You can have proper knowledge of online business through some easy steps down there.

The master plan to succeed in digital marketing is-

1- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

2- Search Engine Marketing

3- Email marketing

4- Content marketing

5- Social Media Marketing

6- Digital Advertising

7- Mobile marketing

1: Engine Optimization ( SEO)

Through this process, one can increase the quality and quantity of traffic which is generated from search engines. If your page have more visibility in search engine results the more likely it will grab attention and attract buyers to your business.

Some of these guidelines include optimizing your pages with:

 *Relevant keywords

 * Easy-to-navigate website structure

* High-quality relevant information

* Use of specific headers to break up content.

To grow an online business one should have to hire an SEO. One’s website, Google, and audience – these are the most important component of the SEO campaign.  First Google bots evaluate your site then take into thought the site’s material and content. Then if your content gets match with search queries and related words Google also examines the quality links to your website – the link conveys the information of relativity of your content to the questions.

Another aspect of SEO is that Google contemplates the amount of time the visitors are going through your site. If the visitor spends longer time the better your SEO chances are on the top.

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2: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing indicates all the processes involved in giving rise to traffic from search engines. This aspect is theoretically true to some extent but practically it is different.

3: Email Marketing

If one have to increase their list of consumers then they should imply email marketing in their online business properly. It can bring an effective change in the business. The essential component of email marketing is segmentation; it makes sure that your email is reaching the right person at the right time.

4: Content Marketing

It refers to that marketing format that involves the writing, creating, and distributing pertinent content to target a huge audience. It is permission-based marketing. Potential consumers select this type of marketing and then share it.

5: Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing gives us the opportunity to give engagement to new and existing audiences on social media sites. Paid social advertisements help to reach your target demographic, and also let you grow an organic audience of followers. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social media platforms having more than 2 billion and over 330 million users respectively.

Creating high-quality content or videos along with spreading brand awareness generates more change. Therefore, most businesses understand the importance of social media marketing since it brings engagement. You should have the proper knowledge of high-quality content so that they can attract followers on every social media site.

6: Digital Advertising

This word conveys the clear meaning of advertising through the internet to promote marketing messages. It can also be referred to as paid advertising since it generates referral traffic on sites via paid digital ads. Digital advertising is often conducted on different platforms according to their target audience concentration. Some these platforms are

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

 7: Mobile Marketing

According to research, 80% of internet users own a smartphone, therefore such marketing involves on the strategies focused on mobile users.

Author: It is a guest post.